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Exploring careers at SAGE

As an academic and professional publisher, Sage offers a rich variety of career opportunities. Sage is an equal opportunity employer and subscribes to this concept as a matter of sound business policy.

Sage offers positions dedicated to Commissioning, Editorial, Marketing, Production, Publishing Services, Information Technology, Finance, Customer Service, Human Resources and Administration and other support functions. This section provides an overview of responsibilities within these areas.


At the core of the business, commissioning editors are responsible for acquiring new products. To do so, editors establish professional relationships with and develop an intellectual sympathy with authors, editors, learned societies, academic professionals, professional associations, etc. and help make the idea for a book, journal or other media a reality.

Editorial and Production

Books and journals go through a critical production process. The Editorial and Production Staff is responsible for overseeing the preparation of manuscripts for production, through copy editing and proofreading, and serve as the company’s liaison with authors during the production process. Management roles within Production ensure all primary functions of copyediting, prepress production, printing, binding and fulfilment take place on time and within budget.

Editorial positions are rewarding and fulfilling and provide the opportunity to support those at the leading edge of their academic discipline to deliver new knowledge globally.


For some professionals in publishing, marketing is the most exciting and dynamic phase of the process. Marketing academic and professional books and/or journals involve many activities, functions and responsibilities. Significant effort goes into marketing research, planning, management, direct mail promotions, electronic promotions, advertising, conferences, launch events and book fairs etc. To strategically and effectively communicate product information to the appropriate marketplace is the combined effort of the marketing team which comprises of Academic marketing—books and journals, PR and publicity, Web Development and Database management and Design.


At Sage, Sales and Marketing are clearly distinct from each other. There is a dynamic sales team located across the country in various zones. There are separate teams for Academic (library) books, Textbooks, Journal sales, Online product sales and Medical journal sales. A lot of effort goes into selling Sage’s vast product line and managing the library sales. The sales team develops close links with the lecturers and academics, as well as the librarians and subscription agents. They actively seek business opportunities by participating in various conferences, exhibitions and fairs to promote the products while they meet their targets.

Information Technology

Sage is leading the sector globally in its investment and use of technology. Our use of innovation enables us to deliver our products via varied platforms to meet the needs of our customers. Our Information Technology department has positions dedicated to development, operations, web design, database and content management, internal systems and network administration. The technological world of academic and professional publishing is continually changing and careers in technology lead the way for these advances.

Finance, Legal

Strategic financial management is required to keep current with technological advances and to ensure optimum service and efficiency while remaining competitive in the marketplace. Sage’s Finance department consists of Financial Analysis, General and Inventory Accounting, Credit, and Contracts Administration. We continually enhance our financial systems and processes, and seek talented innovative staff to help us reach our goals. The team comprises of Accounts payable, accounts receivable, Credit Control, Audit/taxation, Royalty. Our legal department including contracts administration and permissions management ensures appropriate use of all published information.

Human Resources and Administration

The Human Resources team provides strategic direction and operational support to ensure best practices in all aspects of the workplace. Our employees are our competitive advantage and Sage prides itself as being an employer of choice. A lot of effort goes into managing people’s expectations and a skilled, receptive team of individuals manages this vital function at Sage. A team of dedicated/committed individuals provide backend support to the entire organization they manage all the facilities, maintenance, transportation, security and assets of the company.

Customer Service

These areas of publishing are responsible for making sure products get into the hands of individual and institutional customers. Customer Service Representatives are responsible for order processing and customer satisfaction. Inventory control staff, warehouse and shipping staff are required to ensure activities which are carefully and correctly managed everyday within the warehouse to deliver our products on time and fulfilling customer expectations.

Global Services

This division works on Sage's Global content. Indian employees work with team leaders located across the globe but still work within Sage India's working hours (9:30-5:30). The teams are diverse, supporting permissions management to IT functions. It is one of Sage's fastest growing divisions.