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Whatever you’re studying, we aim to provide you with the textbooks and resources you need to succeed in your university course.  Whether it’s getting into your chosen course, finding help with your study and research at undergraduate or postgraduate level, or developing your skills at a professional level, we want to help you make the best of your time at university and beyond.

Access the online resources for your textbooks, which are highly accessible and affordable; designed keeping the needs of young learners in mind. They provide first-class coverage of all themes of a subject, as well as exceptional study support for your individual learning as well as group study.

Free student resources of your textbooks, available with Sage Texts are:

  • Long answers

  • Short answers

  • Flash Cards

  • Videos

  • Extra Readings

  • Multiple Choice Questions (including True & False)

  • Create your test - This can be based on a particular chapter, multiple chapters or an overall test for the entire textbook.