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Information for Librarians

Here, you can find information on our products, services and support to help you make the most of your content. You can also browse our librarian insights blog series, and learn more about our collaboration with the librarian community around the world, along with our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in our publishing.


Product training and usage

Are you already a customer? Our journals and Learning Resources provide a complete suite for libraries to supercharge research, support student success, and create impact. We've collated some helpful resources to help you make your content discoverable, promote access, and learn everything you need to know about using our products.

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Promoting access

Find the tools you need to promote your Sage content, at our Librarian Resource Center, from discoverability checklists, to brochures, posters, banner ads, slides, and ideas for social media posts.

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Product training

If you are a librarian needing to learn more, to train others, find all the resources you need here.

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Indexing and discoverability

Helping users find content quickly and easily can be challenging. In this section, you will find our more about our commitment to support you in making your Sage content easily accessible. 

Indexing and discoverability at Sage

Our products and packages

Browse our content packages - from journals, books, cases, videos and data to full online courses - to find a good fit for your library. 

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Journal packages

With various journal package options, Sage can help you create the perfect fit for your library's needs.

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Sage Learning Resources

Our complete suite of Learning Resources offers a seamless experience across both traditional and digital resources – from books, cases, videos, and data to full online courses to deliver teaching and research materials with impact.

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Resources for non-academic & special libraries

From government to NGOs, law firms to hospitals, engineering to pharmaceutical, and public libraries to schools, we have resources to match your needs.

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Alumni access

Sage provides resources to promote alumni access, including tips on how they can continue to use content in their post-graduate studies and careers. Browse our alumni resources.


Supporting our librarian partners

We value our library partnerships around the world. Read more about the ways we support and collaborate with the librarian community


Diversity, equity, and inclusion

IPA Winner Award

As an independent company with a mission of building bridges to knowledge, we enable people from all backgrounds to contribute to and benefit from teaching and research resources that are balanced, grounded, anti-racist, and promote a more just society.

"Sage’s journals and books have long championed under-represented groups and challenged inequalities", IPG Judges.

Thanks to our commitment to diversity, we won IPG’s Alison Morrison Diversity Award, which recognizes efforts to make publishing a more diverse and inclusive industry. We look forward to continuing this work with authors, journal editors, society partners, and customers.