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Benefits for a Balanced Life

SAGE Publications India Pvt. Ltd. is an equal opportunity employer. We don’t discriminate based on caste, creed, religion, gender or race. We are pro-active in maintaining the perfect balance between work and home. We work Monday through Friday (5 day week) and have a generous Casual Leave, Privilege Leave and Medical Leave plan. Some of our other standard benefits are:

Rewards and Recognition (Certificate of Achievement)

Employees are recognized and rewarded for their loyalty, commitment and contribution to the company. This award is given to employees on completion of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years of service at SAGE. It consists of a certificate and a monetary component.

Flexi-working hours

Providing the employees with an opportunity to choose the time schedule that works best for them.

Corporate tie-ups and service facilitation

We have strategic tie-ups with different institutions to provide discounts and priority services for all our employees. (e.g. Fortis Hospital, Centre for Sight, Maruti Dealers, Unique Identification Card/Aadhaar Card etc).

Leave Policy

The Company encourages employees to take a break from work— relax, rejuvenate and return. This results in positivity and higher levels of productivity. The company has various types of leaves that an employee is eligible for during their tenure. This information is shared with all employees upon joining.

Medical Insurance (we even include coverage for parents up to the age of 90)

The Company has introduced a Group Mediclaim Policy for all confirmed employees. This policy benefits the employee and their family in case they face any medical emergency. Most benefits are cashless transactions.

Child Education Scheme

India continues to experience double digit inflation which hurts the lowest income group the most. SAGE remains committed in making its contribution towards furthering education for children by providing an educational allowance for the children of employees who fall in the weaker section category.

Team building/Company events/Celebrations

In keeping with its vision statement—the natural home, SAGE engages in large scale celebrations of many festivals, across all its offices in India. It also organises various recreational and team building activities, like annual departmental offsites (for greater team bonding) and formal training. There is also a monthly meeting led by the CEO to address issues of common concern and to update employees on the company in general.

Transparency/ Open door policy

We remain transparent in our dealings. Annual appraisals are shared with individuals before they are finalized. Every single employee irrespective of rank or grade is encouraged to submit a self-appraisal. It is mandatory for line managers and above to submit one.

Health check-up camps

In its commitment to the betterment and welfare of its employees the Company organises health check-up camps from time to time.

Loan Schemes

Interest free Loan Schemes are available for all employees. Loan slabs are defined for each level and these can be obtained from HR.

Farewell Policy

A farewell is organised for employees leaving the Company, who have completed a minimum of 5 years of service. The employees are provided with a token in appreciation of their association with the organisation.


At SAGE we understand the needs of the market. To ensure that employees grow and develop their skills accordingly, in-house training workshops are organised and for more advanced training, employees are sent outside. Recent training programs were on Communication Skills, Time Management and Advanced software application skills. Employees are sometimes sent overseas for training