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Benefits for a Balanced Life

SAGE Publications India Pvt. Ltd. is an equal opportunity employer. We don’t discriminate based on caste, creed, religion, gender or race. We are pro-active in maintaining the perfect balance between work and home. We work Monday through Friday (5 day week) and have a generous Casual Leave, Privilege Leave, Medical Leave, Paternity Leave and Compassionate Leave plan. Some of the benefits of working in a Great Place to Work are:


Work-Life Balance 

SAGE creates and maintains supportive and healthy work environments, which enables everyone to have a balance between work and personal responsibilities. Company encourage NO late sitting and inculcate a culture of commitment to deliver on time. The company also encourages people to enjoy vacations with family by laying out a very comfortable leave management system. 


It’s a Fun Place to work 

In Keeping with our vision of providing a natural home, SAGE engages in large scale celebrations of many festivals, across all its offices. It keeps the feel of unity in diversified culture flowing within everyone. The company layouts celebrations and engagement in such a way that everyone looks forward to partake in the festivities. SAGE also carry out varied team building exercises in planned offsite to keep employees motivated and highly engaged.


Career & Growth 

SAGE is a people believer, it values people and their talent.  The company takes genuine care of employees wellbeing, People have lived here,  grown here with requisite training and guidance. SAGE has a very well planned achievement award for long service in the organization which is an encouragement to people to look forward to longer innings here. 

Great Place to Work 

SAGE has NO discrimination policy. There has always been immense encouragement for everyone to contribute towards the companies goal no matter what their circumstance. SAGE provides a good environment and a flexible working culture that makes it a Great Place to work.