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Using SPSS

Using SPSS
An Interactive Hands-On Approach

First Edition

August 2012 | 256 pages | SAGE South Asia
This practical book can be used as a supplementary text or as a self-help guide through which the reader can learn to use SPSS on their own and at his or her own pace. The book uses statistics to teach SPSS, by interacting with the software and learning by inquiry and discovery. The book covers descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, and building graphs.

Key Features

Introduces each chapter with list of objectives indicating what will be learnt in the chapter, and after Chapter 3 the topics can be read in any order
Provides easy to follow bulleted instructions, with items the reader should click on in boldface, and other important terms initalic
Offers plentiful screenshots showing readers step-by-step where to enter data and other information
Includes nonparametric tests in the same chapters as their related parametric tests, helping readers more quickly find the information they need 
First Encounters
Navigating in SPSS
Getting Data in and out of SPSS
Levels of Measurement
Entering Variables and Data and Validating Data
Working with Data and Variables
Using the SPSS Help Menu
Creating Basic Graphs and Charts
Editing and Embellishing Graphs and Charts
Printing Data Files and Output Files
Basic Descriptive Statistics
One-Sample t-Test and Nonparametric Binomial Test of Equality
Independent Samples t-Test and Nonparametric Mann-Whitney Test
Paired Samples t-test and Nonparametric Wilcoxon Test
One-Way ANOVA and Nonparametric Kruskal-Wallis Test
Two-Way (Factorial) ANOVA
ANOVA Repeated Measures and Nonparametric Friedman Test
Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA)
Pearson Correlation and Nonparametric Spearman Correlation
Single Linear Regression
Multiple Linear Regression
Chi-Square Goodness of Fit
Chi-Square Test of Independence

“This primer is an excellent resource for students learning the basic functions of SPSS, the power of statistics, and the basic premises underlying inferential and descriptive statistics.”

Robert J. Eger III
Florida State University

“I love this book…. The structure, content and format are superior in every way to what I have been using, and will make my task easier and the students learning curve shorter.”

G.L. Forward
Point Loma Nazarene University

“This book provides a tremendous amount of detail and is useful in walking a new user through the steps of using the software. The visuals are helpful and clear, the level of writing is good for beginning students, and the concepts are presented clearly.”

Poco D. Kernsmith
Wayne State University

“The key strength of the text is in the opening chapters, which should help students get a strong and confident beginning in the use of SPSS…. The text will also be a valuable reference guide for our students as they conduct research in the two methods courses that follow statistics.”

David S. Malcolm
Fordham University

“I frequently have graduate students that need [help with] SPSS. This text would bring joy into their lives.”

Darlene A. Thurston
Jackson State University

James B. Cunningham

James B. Cunningham (PhD in Science Education, Syracuse University) is Professor Emeritus of Science and Computer Education and former chair of the Department of Secondary Education at California State University, Northridge. Formerly chair of the Departments of Science and Mathematics in Washington State high schools, he is author of Teaching Metrics Simplified and co-author of BASIC for Teachers, Authoring Educational Software, Hands-On Physics Activities With Real-Life Applications, and Hands-On Chemistry Activities With Real-Life Applications. He used SPSS extensively during his tenure as director of the Credential Evaluation Unit in... More About Author

James O. Aldrich

James O. Aldrich (Doctor of Public Administration, University of Laverne) is a retired lecturer on statistics and research methods at California State University, Northridge. He has also taught graduate level research courses for the University of La Verne. Dr. Aldrich held the appointment of Instructor in the Department of Pathology at the University of Southern California, School of Medicine where he served as the Principal Investigator and codirector of a National Cancer Institute research project. He has served on various committees for the Los Angeles chapter of the American Statistical Association and has also taught biostatistics,... More About Author

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