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Sex and Crime

Sex and Crime

December 2020 | 408 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

A comprehensive account of the myriad ways that sex and crime interact in contemporary social life, sensitively confronting topics such as nationhood, abortion, child sexual exploitation, war, disability, pornography, and digital cultures. To explain how sex and crime is composed by, and composes, our understanding of these issues, this book:

  • Draws on the authors’ research expertise, insightful case studies, and leading scholarship from across the globe.
  • Develops students’ capacity to engage thoughtfully with diverse problems and to think critically, this is achieved with the help of creative learning exercises, empathetic questioning, and relevant illustrative examples.
  • Encourages readers to be reflexive, open-spirited, and curious about how issues of sex and crime touch their lives and those of people around them.
Part One: Encountering Sex and Crime
Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: Theory: How to think about sex and crime
Chapter Three: Sex and crime in time and space
Part Two: State, sex, and crime
Chapter Four: Consent and its discontents
Chapter Five: Sex and institutional cultures of abuse
Chapter Six: Reproduction, sex and crime
Chapter Seven: Sexual exploitation and the State
Chapter Eight: Sex and war
Part Three: Sex, cultures, and crime
Chapter Nine: Pleasurable risk
Chapter Ten: Sex and disability
Chapter Eleven: Digital sex
Chapter Twelve: Children, sexualisation and the law
Chapter Thirteen: Illegal representations
Part Four: Future Sex
Chapter Fourteen: The Future
Chapter Fifteen: How to change your life: hope, love, anger and other unlikely revolutionaries

This book delivers an insightful examination of the link between sex and the presumption and assumption of criminal activity.

Mx David Metcalfe
Policing, Chester University
September 26, 2022

This book develops underpinning knowledge and theory around the contemporary issues of sex and crime.

Mr Mark Jagus
Law, Derby College
March 2, 2021

Alexandra Fanghanel

Dr Alexandra Fanghanel is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology, University of Greenwich. Alexandra researches fear of crime, security, sexuality, and sexual practice in public space and uses queer, feminist, post-structuralist, and anti-colonialist approaches to analyse power and to strive for social justice. Alexandra views education as a tool through which to become free and to begin to undo the injustice of the world; that is why she is committed to radical, critical pedagogy. More About Author

Emma Milne

Dr Emma Milne is a Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Plymouth. Emma is an activist for women’s rights, specifically reproductive rights and justice. Emma's research and teaching is interdisciplinary, focused on criminal law and criminal justice responses to women who are deemed to be criminal or deviant, specifically those suspected of newborn child killing and foetal harm. The wider context of Emma's work is social, cultural, and legal controls and regulations of all women, notably in relation to motherhood, pregnancy, sex and reproduction.Emma co-edited Women and the Criminal Justice System: Failing Victims and... More About Author

Giulia F. Zampini

Dr Giulia Federica Zampini is a Senior lecturer in Criminology at the University of Greenwich. Giulia's formal academic studies span across history, politics, social policy and socio-legal studies, but she is also interested in anthropology, ethics, and moral psychology. Giulia is attracted to a variety of theoretical and epistemological positions, including – but not limited to – feminism standpoint theory, critical theory, and critical realism.Giulia's research interests centre around evidence and policy; drugs, prostitution, morality, harm reduction, decriminalisation, and prison education. Giulia is dedicated to... More About Author

Stacy Banwell

Michael Fiddler

Dr Michael Fiddler is Senior Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Greenwich. Michael's research has explored prison architecture, as well as the ways in which the ‘gothic’ and ‘uncanny’ can be applied to representations of imprisonment and violence. Michael's urrent project is focused upon ‘Ghost Criminology’ and unpacking the ways in which the conceptual metaphors of haunting and spectrality can be applied to crime and punishment. More About Author

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