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SAGE Publication maintains its commitment to produce journals, books and electronic media content of high quality that reflects a passion for knowledge and education. Known for its commitment to quality and innovation, SAGE is a world leader in its chosen scholarly, educational, and professional market domain.

Innovative ideas and approaches consistently distinguish SAGE's publishing, across all of our lists. Our publications include:

  • Academic and reference books with a breadth of vision and value content
  • Innovative teaching texts for college courses
  • Professional books reflecting practical approach to new perspectives and challenges
  • Serious non-fiction books for the informed and discerning reader


Societies and Associations

SAGE was founded in 1965 by Sara Miller McCune to support the dissemination of usable knowledge by publishing innovative and high-quality research and teaching content. Today, we publish over 1000 journals from over 500 learned societies globally: society publishing is at the heart of what we do. 

SAGE is an independent, family owned company, and an estate plan has been put in place to ensure this continues after the lifetime of our founder. We cannot be subject to merger or acquisition by one of the publishing monoliths, which guarantees stability for our partners and preserves our vision of publishing for the future. 

We also pride ourselves on providing our partners with the optimal financial return, which is made possible by SAGE's global sales and marketing reach and our reputation of publishing the highest quality 'must have' content. 

We are experts in journals publishing with over 50 years' experience in driving quality content, citations and rankings, whilst your editorial team will retain complete independence over content decisions. SAGE has a proven track record in gaining Impact Factors for journals and increasing their rankings. SAGE recruits and retains passionate and experienced publishing staff, and the high quality of the published journal, whether in print or online, is fundamental to SAGE.

Journal Authors

We are committed to providing the best possible service to our journal authors and editors. Our commitment to service and our personal attention ensures that you'll be an active participant in the publishing process. Here you will find information designed to make publishing your article in a SAGE journal or submitting a proposal for a new journal as easy as possible.

SAGE offers our journal authors:

  • Online manuscript submission and tracking
  • Expert peer review
  • Responsive and flexible editorial and publishing support
  • Targeted international marketing
  • Extensive global readership and online visibility
  • Market-leading production standards in both print and electronic versions
  • Speedy distribution and efficient customer service

SAGE Choice offers authors of primary research articles in a number of biomedical journals the option to make their work freely available upon publication on SAGE Journals, our online platform.

For further information, visit the SAGE Journal Author Gateway.


Building on SAGE Publications tradition of publishing high - quality scholarly works for more than 30 years, we concentrate our efforts on providing academic references books, graduate textbooks, professional books contributing to the disciplines of the future and serious non-fiction.

SAGE is one of the few remaining independent publishers. We are a publisher, first and foremost. Our goal is to publish books that offer innovative teaching solutions, approaches, and perspectives to the disciplines that we serve. While we are firmly guided by the needs of our market, we are driven to publish books that contribute to your students learning experience, to your colleagues, and to the field.

At SAGE, we recognize that our authors and editors are among our most important assets, and we are committed to developing strong and flexible partnerships that offer the following benefits:

  • Thorough evaluation of proposals and sample material, with constructive feedback provided by experienced editors and peer reviews
  • Involvement and support from the SAGE team throughout the publishing process
  • High quality book production
  • Global promotion, marketing, sales, and distribution

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