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Transnational Crime and Criminal Justice

Transnational Crime and Criminal Justice

First Edition

April 2016 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
From trafficking to cybercrime, from terrorism to organised crime, the challenges presented by globalisation to systems of criminal justice are immense. This major new textbook offers a comprehensive introduction to international issues in crime and its control.

The book covers essential theories in an accessible fashion, clearly explaining their relevance to contemporary concerns. It goes on to deal with a range of substantive topics in international criminology, including:

" Globalisation

" Human rights

" Terrorism

" Trafficking

" Organised crime

" Crimes against humanity

" Cybercrime

" Environmental crime

" State crime

The book includes case studies and examples throughout, to illustrate key topics and ideas. It also offers tips on further reading and a comprehensive glossary.

Transnational Crime and Criminal Justice assumes no prior knowledge and brings readers to the forefront of current debates on transnational crime. It is essential reading for undergraduate students in Criminology and Criminal Justice. It is also of interest to students in Law and International Relations.

Chapter One: Introduction
Part 1: Approaches to Transnational Crime and Justice
Chapter Two: Globalization and Mobility
Chapter Three: Risk, Networks and Cyberspace
Chapter Four: The Creation and Circulation of Justice Norms
Part 2: Forms of Transnational Crimes
Chapter Five: Global Mobility Markets: The Migration of the ‘Body’ and its Exploitation
Chapter Six: Organized Crime: Threat and Response in the Global Era
Chapter Seven: Terrorism in a Networked World
Chapter Eight: Crimes against the Environment
Chapter Nine: State Crime, Human Rights and Crimes of Globalization
Chapter Ten: Towards a Global Criminal Justice?

For the current generation of students of crime and criminal justice the issues addressed in this book are quite certain to become ever more important from year-to-year.  The authors succeed impressively in imposing a coherent organizational scheme on the world of transnational crime and criminal justice and in their discussion of multi-faceted and endlessly complex issues in an accessible and engaging way.  The growing number of criminology and criminal justice scholars focusing on one or more dimensions of transnational crime and criminal justice will also find much of value in this book.  It richly merits widespread classroom adoptions as well as acquisition for academic and professional libraries.

David O. Friedrichs
Distinguished Professor of Sociology, Criminal Justice & Criminology University of Scranton (Pennsylvania, USA)

The scholarship deployed in this book is precise, well researched and the writing style is excellent. In my opinion this text provides a notable contribution to teaching in this area and is also of relevance to scholars and policy makers operating in the policing and criminal Justice fields.

Brian Payne
Senior Lecturer in Criminology, University of Gloucestershire

Overall, this is a first-class contribution to the literature and should be of interest to students of policing, criminology and criminal justice, as well as those in law, international security and international relations. It is eminently accessible, wide-ranging, engaging and well organised. This enables it to achieve its key objective, namely to provide a ‘friendly platform’ from which students, academics and practitioners can approach the topic without fear of being intimidated by academic jargon and complexity.

Geoffrey Coliandris
University of South Wales

The book offers an exciting introduction for students and academics who wish to build on knowledge on transnational crime and criminal justice, in a globalized world. It conveys difficult concepts in a clear and simple way, while founding the discussion on theoretical approaches. It is very accessible as it uses tables, pictures and balances theory, definitions and examples of case studies.

Ermioni Xanthopoulou
University of Hertfordshire

A good understanding of transnational crime.

Miss Maria Adams
Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences, Surrey University
October 10, 2016

Clearly written, perfect addition to the course.

Ms Emilia Mantadakis
Department of Political Science, Maastricht University
May 28, 2016

Great book, clearly written. Perfect addition to the course.

Ms Emilia Mantadakis
Department of Political Science, Maastricht University
May 28, 2016

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Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter Two: Globalization and Mobility

Marinella Marmo

Dr Marinella Marmo is Associate Professor in Criminal Justice at Flinders University Law School. Marinella researches in the areas of international criminal justice and transnational crime. Currently, she works in the area of migration, border control and human mobility. She has co-authored the books Crime, Justice and Human Rights (with Leanne Weber, Elaine Fishwick) and Race, Gender and the Body in British Migration Control (with Evan Smith) and co-edited a number of books. Her research has been widely cited in numerous newspapers, including The Guardian and The New York Times. She is the recipient of an Office for Learning and Teaching... More About Author

Nerida Chazal

Dr Nerida Chazal is a Lecturer in Criminology at Flinders University, Australia. Her research examines the aims and functioning of international criminal justice in a complex and increasingly global world. In particular, she researches the International Criminal Court and state crime. She is author of The International Criminal Court and Global Social Control (Routledge, 2015) and co-editor (with W. De Lint and M. Marmo) of Criminal Justice in International Society (Routledge, 2014).  More About Author

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