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Managerial and Organizational Cognition

Managerial and Organizational Cognition
Theory, Methods and Research

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Organizational Theory

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Managerial and Organizational Cognition is an exploration of the latest developments in the burgeoning field of managerial and organizational cognition. From different disciplinary perspectives and diverse empirical settings, the contributors study patterns of managerial cognition. The resulting data provides rich insights into the processes and outcomes of managerial and organizational cognition. In particular the longitudinal approach reflected in the volume contributes to its impact as a grounded, practice-based analysis of cognition in organizations. Advanced students of management will be attracted to the incorporation in one cohesive volume of new theoryùempirical chapters that not only extend theoryùbut contribute to organizational outcomes and comparative methodology.
J-C Spender and Colin Eden
J-C Spender
The Dynamics of Individual and Organizational Knowledge
Bo Hellgren and Jan L[um]owstedt
Agency and Organization
A Social Theory Approach to Cognition

Kees van der Heijden and Colin Eden
The Theory and Praxis of Reflective Learning in Strategy Making
Pia Lindell et al
A Strategic Manager's Perspective on Organizational Change
Kjell Gr[UM]onhaug and Joyce S Falkenberg
Success Attributions within and across Organizations
Jacky Swan and Sue Newell
Making Sense of Technological Innovation
The Political and Social Dynamics of Cognition

Phyllis Johnson, Kevin Daniels and Rachel Asch
Mental Models of Competition
Roland Calori, Michael Lubatkin and Philippe Very
The Development of National Collective Knowledge in Management
Mauri Laukkanen
Conducting Causal Mapping Research
Opportunities and Challenges

Colin Eden and Fran Ackermann
Analyzing and Comparing Idiographic Causal Maps
Robert P Bood
Charting Organizational Learning
A Comparison of Multiple Mapping Techniques

Mark Jenkins
The Theory and Practice of Comparing Causal Maps
J-C Spender
Using and Researching Managerial Cognition


`Comprehensive and easy-to-read book' - Risk Management: An International Journal

`A valuable addition to the research libraries of institutions and individuals who recognize the importance and relevance of the field' - Journal of the Operational Research Society

Colin Eden

J C Spender