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Experiencing Organizations

Experiencing Organizations

May 1996 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
An ideal companion to more conventional case studies and textbooks, Experiencing Organizations brings together a fascinating collection of real-life stories about individual work experiences in industrialized societies at this turn of the millennium. Told through the fresh eyes of new organizational recruits, these sometimes comic, often traumatic, but always revealing accounts have much to say to new learners and older hands alike. Grouped in sections on images, winning and losing, and surviving, the narratives encompass a wide range of themes and issues, including power and politics in organizations, organizational cultures and change, gender and discrimination, and appearances and realities. The cold features of business are detailed in which processes such as restructuring, rationalization, and downsizing are increasingly complex. Full of the kind of detail that is often unreported, Experiencing Organizations is recounted with passion and authenticity. This volume is an outstanding resource for students of organizational behavior and theory, organizational and occupational psychology, and general management studies.
Images and Mirages
Performances and Impressions
Red Tape
Functions and Ceremonies
The Gods
Winners and Losers
Compliance and Resistance
Who Gets the Blame?
Networks and Empires
In at the Deep End
Behind Closed Doors
Injuries and Insults
Sexual Harassment
Final Thoughts

Stephen Fineman

Yiannis Gabriel

Yiannis Gabriel is Professor of Organizational Theory at Bath University. Yiannis has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London and a PhD in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley.  Yiannis is well known for his work into organizational storytelling and narratives, leadership, management learning and the culture and politics of contemporary consumption. He has used stories as a way of studying numerous social and organizational phenomena including leader-follower relations, group dynamics and fantasies, nostalgia, insults and apologies. He has also carried out extensive research on the... More About Author

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