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Growth Mindset for Teachers

Growth Mindset for Teachers

First Edition
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October 2019 | 256 pages | Corwin UK
Growth Mindsets are recognized as a powerful teaching and learning tool. To avoid misunderstanding, misuse or oversimplification, this new book explores what Mindsets are, what they are not and how effective use of them can support and enhance learning and teaching. It takes a focused look at whether a more general approach to mindsets for all learning in the classroom is more effective than a subject specific approach and explores who Mindsets can work for. It includes a chapter on Mindsets and SEN and also looks at wider issues of self-esteem, mental health and wellbeing. It offers clear guidance backed up by research and avoids quick fixes or suggestions with little evidence base. The text will appeal to teachers as a pragmatic and trusted guide to a well-known strategy proven to enhance learning.
Part 1: All about mindsets
Ch 1: Why did we design the Growing Learners Mindset intervention?
Ch 2: Mindsets, personality and performance
Ch 3: How, and why, do different mindsets develop?
Ch 4: Mindsets and other factors
Ch 5: Mindsets and the curriculum
Part 2: Mindsets in the classroom
Ch 6: Early Years and Key Stage One
Ch 7: Key Stage Two
Ch 8: Activities for secondary and further education
Part 3: Challenges, questions and looking ahead
Ch 9. Myths questions and challenges-
Ch 10: Looking ahead – What’s next?

This is an excellent book. It's accessible, easy to read, and effective.

Mrs Ruth Steyert
English Language Arts, Grimsby Institute of HE And FE
February 5, 2021

Provides helpful links between theory and practice.
Clearly structured and provides additional links across psychology (which is helpful for the module that I am leading)

Mrs Sian Templeton
Department of Education, Gloucestershire University
March 10, 2022

Overall I found this book to have a well-balanced and thoughtful approach to mindset theory and intervention. It does not claim to fix everything easily, but with some questioning of and understanding of nuanced impacts of interventions, teachers can help to develop resilience and motivation in their learners.

Mrs Jan Beechey
Education and Training, Dyslexia Action
December 19, 2019

Sherria Hoskins

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