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Your Booksmart, School-savvy, Stress-busting Primary Teacher Training Companion

Your Booksmart, School-savvy, Stress-busting Primary Teacher Training Companion

March 2020 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The perfect guide to accompany any trainee on their teacher training journey.

Written as though from a friendly aunt, this book guides trainees through each step of their journey and helps them build the knowledge, confidence and skills to succeed.

Covering 3 core areas that are vital to any trainee's experience and success, each chapter addresses issues and topics to support students as progress through their training.

Book Smart
Explores ways in which students can confidently approach their course demands and succeed in their academic study.

School savvy
Helps students discover how they can thrive in their school placement and start developing classroom teaching skills.

Gives trainees the tools they need to ensure they are looking after their mental health and wellbeing while training to teach.


Chapter 1: Getting started, overcoming imposter syndrome and organising yourself for success
Chapter 2: Academic reading, classroom behaviour and being kind to yourself
Chapter 3: University support, classroom planning and the power of reflection
Chapter 4: Writing essays, finding your teaching approach and the importance of self-care
Chapter 5: Learning at university, post-holiday placements and using social media healthily
Chapter 6: Savvy online research, cross-curricular planning and diversity in schools
Chapter 7: Applying for jobs, navigating parent’s evening and dealing with worries
Chapter 8: Further study, teaching outside the classroom and looking ahead to your NQT year

Elizabeth Malone

Dr Elizabeth Malone is Head of Primary Initial Teacher Education Programmes at LJMU, where she has taught on a variety of routes for the past 10 years. Prior to working at LJMU she worked as a primary teacher, in the UK and abroad, specialising in foreign language education (French and Mandarin). She is passionate about enabling pupils and students to achieve their potential through a commitment to social justice. In her spare time (which is increasingly disappearing due to the increasing numbers of small children in her household) she enjoys participating in sports, from open water swimming to triathlons, to surfing to bog snorkelling. More About Author