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The Internet and the Mass Media

The Internet and the Mass Media

First Edition
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May 2008 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book offers a comprehensive analysis of the impact of the Internet on media and mediated content industries. It explores and discusses the changes this emergent communications platform is engendering for the media and content industries and the implications of those changes. Its contents are drawn from the findings of a five-year EU sponsored research initiative, the 'Cost A20 Programme on the Impact of the Internet on the Mass Media'. Its authors include Europe's leading scholars in the field.

The book's standpoint is simultaneously multi-lens, interdisciplinary, and cross-national. By approaching a common topic and single industry from a number of different theoretical and geographical standpoints it provides rich and comprehensive insights and thus equips scholars, policymakers, media practitioners, and social observers with a strong explanatory and interpretive overview of how the Internet has affected the media. The chapters look at the impact of the Internet on technology, platforms and innovation, content, users, and media organisations' strategies, structures and business models.

Lucy K ng, Robert Picard and Ruth Towse
Lucy K ng, Robert Picard and Ruth Towse
Theoretical Perspectives on the Impact of the Internet on the Mass Media Industries
Anders Henten and Reza Tadayoni
The Impact of the Internet on Media Technology, Platforms and Innovation
Richard van der Wurff
The Impact of the Internet on Media Content
Piet Bakker and Charo Sádaba
The Impact of the Internet on Users
Des Freedman, Anders Henten, Ruth Towse and Roger Wallis
The Impact of the Internet on Policy, Regulation and Intellectual Property Rights
Lucy K ng, Nikos Leandros, Robert G. Picard, Roland Schroeder and Richard van der Wurff
The Impact of the Internet on Media Organisation Strategies and Structures
Lucy K ng, Nikos Leandros, Robert G. Picard, Roland Schroeder and Richard van der Wurff
The Impact of the Internet on Business Models in the Media Industries
Lucy K ng, Robert Picard and Ruth Towse

'This book analyses issues of the internet and mass media in a rapidly changing environment. It covers a wide range of fundamentals which will be in effect for a longer time, and reflects the benefits of international and interdisciplinary collaboration' - Professor Heinz-Werner Nienstedt, President European Media Management Education Association

'This excellent book will be of great use to researchers, teachers and students interested in the relationship between the Internet and the mass media and it offers an invaluable contribution to the literature. The overall picture that emerges from this book is one that is very balanced, stressing both the radical potential of the internet and the ways in which the various media sectors have experienced the impact differently' - Professor Colin Sparks, University of Westminster

The wide perspective offers an invaluable overview of current thinking. An invaluable resource for students working on individual research projects.

Mr Clive McGoun
The Faculty of Health, Social Care & Education, Manchester Metropolitan University
December 3, 2009

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Lucy Küng

Lucy Küng, Reuters Institute, University of Oxford, and University of Oslo She is the author of Innovators in Digital News (2015, IB Taurus), The Internet and the Mass Media (Sage, 2014), When Innovation Fails to Disrupt: The Launch of BBC News Online (2007), and  Inside the BBC and CNN: Managing Media Organisations (2000, Routledge)   More About Author

Robert G. Picard

Robert G. Picard is Director of Research at the Reuters Institute in the Department of Politics and International Relations at University of Oxford, a research fellow at Green Templeton College (Oxford), and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Hamrin Professor of Media Economics at Jonkoping International Business School, Sweden. A specialist in media economics and policy, he is the author and editor of 27 books, including Value Creation and the Future of News Organizations, The Economics and Financing of Media Companies, Media Clusters: Spatial Agglomeration and Content Capabilities, The Internet and the Mass Media, and Media Firms:... More About Author

Ruth Towse

Ruth Towse became Professor of Economics of Creative Industries at Bournemouth University, UK in 2007, where she is Co-Director for Economics at CIPPM (the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy and Management). She is Professor Emerita at Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands, where she worked from 1999 -2008. She specializes in cultural economics and the economics of copyright. She has published widely on both fields in academic journals and books and has also edited several collections of papers and original contributions. Ruth was Joint Editor of the Journal of Cultural Economics from 1993-2002 and President of the Association... More About Author

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