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The Globalization of News

The Globalization of News

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The Globalization of News gives a comprehensive overview of those media organizations, the news agencies, which report and film the news for the press and broadcast media. Incorporating institutional, historical, political, economic, and cultural studies perspectives, this book + Reviews agency provision of general, video, and financial news + Analyzes the relationship between news agencies, nation-states, and "retail" media + Critically examines the impact of deregulation and globalization on the news agency business Contributors consider how leading players like Reuters and Associated Press help to define the nature of both the global and the local as well as focusing on the network of relations between international and national agencies. The book also takes into account the attempts by some national news agencies to establish radically different news agendas. Demonstrating how news agencies have contributed both to the process of globalization and, simultaneously, to the process of national construction, this book provides an important critical survey of the contemporary international news business. The Globalization of News will be welcomed by all undergraduate and post-graduate students of media studies and international communication.
Oliver Boyd-Barrett and Terhi Rantanen
The Globalization of News
Oliver Boyd-Barrett
`Global' News Agencies
Terhi Rantanen
The Struggle for Control of Domestic News Markets (1)
J[um]urgen Wilke
The Struggle for Control of Domestic News Markets (2)
Michael Palmer, Oliver Boyd-Barrett and Terhi Rantanen
Global Financial News
Chris Paterson
Global Battlefields
Ingrid Schulze-Schneider
From Dictatorship to Democracy
Terhi Rantanen
From Communism to Captialism
Ullamaija Kivikuru
From State Socialism to Deregulation
Derek Forbes
From Apartheid to Pluralism
Michael Palmer
What Makes News
C Anthony Giffard
Alternative News Agencies
Stig Hjavard
TV News Exchange

`Incisive regarding problems we all face with the increasingly quickening pace of news reporting and its dissemination'- International Affairs

`[The book] should be applauded for promoting the importance of news agency studies, not only in the context of the relatively recent preoccupation with globalization, but also in the face of long-term neglect across media studies in general.... an invaluable resource' - European Journal of Communication

Oliver Boyd-Barrett

Dr. Oliver Boyd-Barrett joined Bowling Green State University's School of Communication Studies as Director in 2005, a position he held for three years before deciding to return to faculty in the Department of Journalism. His current research interests include international and national news agencies, news media and the “war on terror,” and Hollywood representations of the intelligence community. He was previously Professor of Communication at California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, California, and has held various appointments at universities in the United Kingdom.... More About Author

Terhi Rantanen

Terhi Rantanen (MSc, LicSc, DocSc, Docent, Helsinki University) is Professor in Global Media and Communications. Her books include When News Was New (Wiley-Blackwell, 2009) The Media and Globalization (Sage, 2005), The Global and the National. Media and Communications in Post-Communist Russia (Rowman & Littlefield: 2002), The Globalization of News (with O. Boyd-Barrett, Sage: 1998), 'Maailman ihmeellisin asia'. Johdatus viestinnän oppihistoriaan ('Of All Affairs, Communication is the Most Wonderful.' An Introduction to the History of Communication Research) in collaboration with M. Ampuja, The Finnish Open University: 1997), Foreign News... More About Author

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