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Reflective Practice for Renewing Schools

Reflective Practice for Renewing Schools
An Action Guide for Educators

Third Edition
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May 2016 | 368 pages | Corwin

Renew your teaching and your passion with this updated bestseller!

The teaching life can be hectic, complex, and even lonely. That’s why so many educators turn to reflective practice to reenergize their commitment to students—and to themselves. Reflective practice counteracts the effects of professional isolation and instills a personal and communal sense of meaning, renewal, and empowerment.

This best-selling book offers research-based and practical ideas and strategies for using reflective practice individually, with colleagues, schoolwide, and even district-wide. Features of the newest edition include:

  • Updated strategies for engaging adults and students and using reflective practices to create equitable outcomes
  • New examples of reflective practice in action
  • A new chapter on the core leadership practices for growing reflective practice
  • A new companion website with resources and reflection protocols

    When you make reflective practice part of your journey as an educator, your insights benefit everyone—and ensure enhanced learning and development for students.

    “This book is one of the best in the field. It lends itself to practical solutions if the reader remembers that the gifts of time and relationships are at the center of this work. The book takes a lot of theory and melts it down to hands-on pieces doable in a school or district setting.”
    —Michele R. Dean, Coordinator, Ventura County Indian Education Consortium
    Ventura Unified School District, CA

    “The book has broken down reflection into its component parts, cycles, characteristics, and capacities. I applaud the insights and experiences of the authors.”
    —Pat Roy, Senior Consultant
    Learning Forward

    List of Figures, Tables, and Practice Examples
    Foreword by Arthur L. Costa
    About the Authors
    Chapter 1. Reflective Practice for Renewing Schools
    The Potential of Reflective Practice to Renew Schools

    Core Components of the Reflective Practice Cycle

    Who Is a Reflective Educator?


    Chapter 2. Fundamentals for Reflective Practice
    What Are Some Ways Brain Research and Adult Learning Principles Inform Reflective Practice?

    A Framework for Growing Reflective Practice Communities


    Chapter 3. Leading Reflective Practice
    Guidelines for Leading Reflective Practice Communities


    Chapter 4. Individual Reflective Practice
    Special Considerations for Individual Reflective Practice

    Individual Reflective Practice: Practice Examples

    Individual Reflective Practice: More Ideas to Consider

    Getting Started With Individual Reflective Practice

    Chapter 5. Reflective Practice With Partners
    Special Considerations for Reflective Practice With Partners

    Reflective Practice With Partners: Practice Examples

    Reflective Practice With Partners: More Ideas to Consider

    Getting Started With Reflective Practice Partners

    Finally, What Do You Do When Nothing Seems to Work?

    Chapter 6. Reflective Practice in Small Groups and Teams
    Special Considerations for Reflective Practice in Small Groups and Teams

    Reflective Practice in Small Groups and Teams: Practice Examples

    Reflective Practice in Small Groups and Teams: More Ideas to Consider

    Getting Started With Reflective Practice in Small Groups and Teams

    Chapter 7. Schoolwide Reflective Practice
    Special Considerations for Schoolwide Reflective Practices

    Practice Examples of Schoolwide Reflective Practice

    Getting Started With Schoolwide Reflective Practice


    Chapter 8. Moving Forward With Reflective Practice . . . in Hope and Possibility
    Revisiting the Reflective Practice Cycle

    Lessons Learned About Reflective Practice

    Fostering Hope and Renewal




    "Reflective Practice for Renewing Schools has broken down reflection into its component parts, cycles, characteristics, and capacities. It has offered many varied examples of how reflection can be used at the individual, partner, team, and schoolwide level. I know a lot more about reflection and applaud the insights and experiences of the authors."

    Pat Roy, Educational Consultant
    Learning Forward

    Jennifer York-Barr

    Jennifer York-Barr received her PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her development, research and teaching has been grounded in partnerships with schools and school districts. Her early worked focused most specifically on creating classroom communities in which students with various exceptionalities were included. That work grew into a broader focus on growing school communities grounded in conversations that support ongoing reflective practice and learning. She has been honored with several college and university level teaching awards and has authored or co-authored more than 100 publications most of which are focused on... More About Author

    William Arthur Sommers

    William A. Sommers, Ph.D. of Austin, Texas, continues to be a learner, teacher, principal, author, leadership coach, and consultant. Bill has come out of retirement five times to put theory into practice. He was on the Board of Trustees for five years and President for the National Staff Development Council now called Learning Forward. ... More About Author

    Gail S. Ghere

    Gail GhereGail received her PhD from University of Minnesota in educational policy and program evaluation. She has a Masters degree in Special Education with practice experience as a related service provider. Over her career, she worked in Pre K-12 education in rural, suburban, and urban school districts. She also has served as a program evaluator for K-12 education, higher education, and private foundations. She is the co-author of several publications on collaboration, program evaluation, and paraprofessional development. Her belief in equitable outcomes and inclusive learning opportunities for students has guided her work throughout her... More About Author

    Jo Montie

    Jo Montie Jo received her MA in Educational Psychology from the University of Minnesota (1996) and a BS in Behavioral Disabilities from the University of WI-Madison (1984) when she started her work in schools as a special education teacher. She has been teaching at the University of St. Thomas since 2003 where she also contributes leadership in the areas of teacher education program development and online teaching and learning. Jo’s over 25 years of teaching and work in schools continues to stress the need for more collaboration, reflective practice and greater access and equity for all learners.   More About Author

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