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Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection
Strategies for Workforce Planning & Assessment

Adapted Edition
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September 2020 | 280 pages | SAGE South Asia
Unpacks the best practices for designing, implementing, and evaluating strategies for hiring the right people in any organization. 

A clear and comprehensive textbook on how HR strategies and practices of job analysis and design, recruitment, and selection should be aligned to effectively conduct planning and assessment activities. 
This textbook unpacks the best practices for designing, implementing, and evaluating strategies for hiring the right people in any organization. Using a proven job analysis framework, the author uses her academic and industry experience to teach students how to assess candidates in an accurate, legal, and ethical manner. This book bridges theory and concept with practice in a clear and relevant approach. It will benefit students aspiring to successfully manage workforce needs and activities in various professional settings.

Key Features:

• Blends foundational and conceptual information with hands-on application features

• Develops skills that transfer learning to the work environment

• Special emphasis on the importance of job analysis and its role in the staffing process

• Incorporates case-analysis, extensive glossary, and ancillary resources for instructors
Introduction to Workforce Planning and Assessment
Job Analysis and Design
Job Description and Competency Model Development
Job Evaluation
Recruitment Strategy
Selection and Interview Strategy
Selection: Simulations and Assessment Centers
Selection: Employment Testing
Making the Hire—Final Assessment of Candidate–Job Fit


The book is an excellent resource material for MBA students.It will prove to be a great source of teaching and learning with simple language and good examples.

Professor Mahak Balani
MBA, Acharya Institute of Technology
May 2, 2022

Carrie Ann Picardi

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