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Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo

Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo

Fourth Edition
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October 2024 | 384 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Looking to use NVivo in your qualitative research? With easy-to-use instructions and screenshots for both Windows and Mac users, this book first covers the basics of coding in NVivo before helping you extend your knowledge and confidence using the software. 

But this is more than just a ‘how to’ software manual. Each chapter offers rich, methodological discussions that interweave qualitative thinking with technology, enabling you to develop a sophisticated research practice.

Starting with how to navigate the software before moving on to different types of data you might use - such as text, images, and social media data - and how to code and visualise that data, each chapter helps you develop your skill in using NVivo to support effective qualitative analysis.

The book also:

  • Helps you understand why and when to use NVivo tools and how to combine them creatively;
  • Includes a new chapter on visualising and reporting on your data using NVivo;
  • Provides practical support for using NVivo 14, including fully updated screenshots, click-by-click instructions, screencast videos, and datasets for you to try what you’ve learned. 

Designed for anyone who wants to use NVivo in their research, this book is the go-to for conducting robust qualitative data analysis.

Chapter 1: Where to begin?
Chapter 2: Navigating NVivo
Chapter 3: Teamwork
Chapter 4: Literature and interview text-files
Chapter 5: Working with pictures, audio and video
Chapter 6: Surveys and social media files
Chapter 7: Coding foundations
Chapter 8: Cases, classifications and comparisons
Chapter 9: Beyond coding basics
Chapter 10: Queries
Chapter 11: Visualisations and reporting


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Student resources (free to access)

  • Screencast video tutorials from co-author Jenine Beekhuyzen that show you click-by-click how to navigate NVivo 14 in Mac and Windows.
  • Sample NVivo Project files for the Wellbeing project discussed in the book so you can practice your skills on real data at your own pace.
  • Links to a network of expert NVivo trainers who can help you tackle your project head on.

Jenine Beekhuyzen

Jenine Beekhuyzen is the Founder/CEO of Adroit Research, and is Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Queensland, Visiting Fellow at the University of Technology Sydney, and Adjunct Fellow at Griffith University. She has more than 20 years of experience working with NVivo and its predecessors, using it for her own doctoral studies, and training thousands of doctoral students and others to use it for systematic literature reviews and empirical data analysis. Based on more than two decades of her research on the lack of women in STEM, Jenine turned research into practice leading the NGO Tech Girls Movement Foundation... More About Author

Pat Bazeley

Pat Bazeley is Director of Research Support P/L and Adjunct Professor in the Translational Research and Social Innovation Centre at Western Sydney University. Since graduating in psychology, she has worked in community development, as an evaluation researcher, and in academic research development. For almost 30 years Pat has been providing research training and project consulting to academics, graduate students and practitioners representing a wide range of disciplines across Australia and internationally. Her particular expertise is in helping researchers to make sense of qualitative, survey, and mixed methods data, and to use computer... More About Author

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