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Media Policy

Media Policy
Convergence, Concentration & Commerce

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Media Policy

September 1998 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The European media landscape is changing profoundly. In this wide-ranging and timely text, members of the Euromedia Research Group examine the ways in which national and supranational policy is adapting to these changes. The contributors of Media Policy consider: + The consequences for broadcasting systems of satellite and cable delivery + The fate of public broadcasting under deregulation + The changes currently affecting print media and newspaper + The implications of media changes for political and social cultural life + The significance of the Internet, the first true fruit of the telematic revolution in communication The main themes of media policy analysis today are convergence, concentration and commercialization, and abundance through digitalization. Although media policy has changed drastically in its concerns and forms, the contributors here argue that the need for an effective public communication policy in our "information society" is as pressing now as it ever was. Following up the success of the Euromedia Research Group's New Media Politics (1986), and the Dynamics of Media Politics (1992), this third volume in the series offers a timely review and analysis of developments in media and structure. Media Policy will be of interest to students and scholars in media and communication studies.
Karen Siune
Changing Media and Changing Society
Els de Bens and Helge [sl]Ostbye
The European Newspaper Market
Karen Siune and Olof Hult[ac]en
Does Public Broadcasting Have a Future?
Werner A Meier and Josef Trappel
Media Concentration and the Public Interest
Hans J Kleinsteuber
The Digital Future
Wolfgang Treutzschler
The Internet
A New Mass Medium?

Bernt Stubbe [sl]Ostergaard
Legislative Dilemmas

Denis McQuail
Commercialization and Beyond
Kees Brants and Karen Siune
Politicization in Decline?
Mary J Kelly
Media Use in the European Household
Els de Bens and Gianpietro Mazzoleni
The Media in the Age of Digital Communication
Claude Sorbets
Debating National Policy
Josef Trappel and Werner A Meier
Media Concentration
Options for Policy

Mario Hirsch and Vibeke G Petersen
European Policy Initiatives
Denis McQuail
Looking to the Future

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