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Evaluating Research Articles From Start to Finish

Evaluating Research Articles From Start to Finish

Third Edition

September 2010 | 416 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book fulfills a need of potential consumers of research, as well as eventual researchers. Although research design courses emphasize designs and appropriate statistical analyses, the stress is on conducting good designs. As a result, students may be able to apply their knowledge of originating research. But most consumers of research read articles based on original research and may be unable to apply that same knowledge to evaluating the article in terms of soundness of the design and appropriateness of the statistical analyses. Such an evaluation is crucial for a practitioner who might consider adapting methods based on results to his or her practice, whether it be education, sociology, psychology, medicine, dentistry or any other field. This book fill this void.
About the Author
1. Introduction
2. Case Studies
3. Narrative Analysis
4. Surveys
5. Correlation Studies
6. Regression Analysis Studies
7. Factor-Analytic Studies
8. Discriminant Analysis Studies
9. Two-Condition Experimental Studies
10. Single Classification Studies
11. Factorial Studies
12. Quasi-Experimental Studies
13. Longitudinal Studies
Answers to Study Example Critiques
Author Index
Subject Index

"Girden and Kabacoff provide readers with valuable suggestions for reading, evaluating, and assessing research articles in terms of the design employed and techniques used to carry out statistical analysis of the data collected... the well-written work provides guidance to students as well as professionals on how to examine research reports and articles with an inquisitive mind."

D. V. Chopra
Wichita State University

This book goes from step to step and is ideal for students who have not tackled this subject before.

Mrs Jane Cuthbert
Dental Academy, Portsmouth University
June 7, 2021

Great resource for adult learners new to reading and reviewing research journals.

Ms Vengerflutta Smith
School Of Human Services, Springfield College
March 1, 2014

I felt it was too advanced for our undergraduate students, but a good resource for instructors of undergraduate students

Dr Deborah Seale
Health Info Management Dept, St Louis University
August 8, 2013

Dr Shannon Dobson
Science Div, North Greenville University
September 6, 2012

May use as suggested text

Dr Jeanne Thomas
Social Work Dept, Eastern Michigan University
June 18, 2012

too much detail for level of course

Dr Theresa Green
Nursing, Univ of Calgary
April 9, 2012

I will use this as a guide to reading research articles. this is a central part to the course.

Professor Paul Hackett
Education Dept, Tufts University
October 6, 2011

This text will enable beginning researchers in my IST Research Methods course to understand how to evaluate secondary research and will be used as a supplement to the Research Methodology text.

Mr James Anthos
Business Administration Prog, South University - Columbia
May 17, 2011

I recommend this text for those students who plan on submitting manuscripts for journal publications.

Dr Rita McNeil
Human Resource Train Dev Dept, Idaho State University - Pocatello
May 17, 2011

Ellen R. Girden

Robert I. Kabacoff

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