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Careers in Media and Communication

Careers in Media and Communication

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Mass Communication

March 2018 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Careers in Media and Communication is a practical resource that helps students understand how a communication degree prepares them for a range of fulfilling careers; it gives students the skills they will need to compete in a changing job market. Award-winning teacher and author Stephanie A. Smith draws from her years of professional experience to guide students through the trends and processes of identifying, finding, and securing a job in in mass communication. Throughout the book, students explore the daily lives of professionals currently working in the field, as well as gain firsthand insights into the training and experience that hiring managers seek.

Chapter 1: Mass Communication
What Is Mass Communication?

Theories of Mass Communication

Mass Communication Methods

Mass Communication in Society

Trends in Mass Communication


Chapter 2: Advertising and Marketing
What Is Advertising?


Careers in Advertising and Marketing

Insider Insight: Tonya Hottmann, Director of Marketing

Advertising and Marketing Jobs: By the Numbers

Skills Needed for Advertising and Marketing

Advertising and Marketing Vocabulary

Job Search Terms

Chapter 3: Public Relations
What Is Public Relations?

History of Public Relations

Public Relations Today

Careers in Public Relations

Public Relations Duties

Insider Insight: Evan S. K. Sullivan, APR, Director of Public Relations (Agency)

Insider Insight: Alexandra Sabbag, Founder and Principal

Insider Insight: Erin Spain, Communications Director

Public Relations Jobs: By the Numbers

Skills Needed for Public Relations

Job Search Terms

Chapter 4: Journalism
What Is Journalism?

History of Journalism

Journalism Today

Careers in Journalism

Insider Insight: Natalie Brunell, Television News Reporter

Insider Insight: Katey McFarlan, Blogger

Insider Insight: Lee Wolverton, Managing Editor

Journalism Jobs: By the Numbers

Skills Needed for Journalism

Job Search Terms

Chapter 5: Mass Communication Careers in Business
What Is Business?

The Role of Mass Communication in Business

Mass Communication Careers in Business

Insider Insight: Keri Gavin, Director of Host Relations and Customized Training

Insider Insight: Megan Sommer, Corporate Recruiter

Mass Communication Careers in Business: By the Numbers

Skills Needed for Mass Communication

Chapter 6: Publishing
What Is Publishing?


Today’s Trends

Careers in Publishing

Career Domains

Insider Insight: Paddy Calistro, President and CEO

Insider Insight: Moira Kerrigan, Associate Director of Marketing

Insider Insight: Jen Brady, Advertising Associate

Publishing Jobs: By the Numbers

Skills Needed for Publishing

Chapter 7: Telecommunications and Visual Communication
What Is Telecommunications?

Careers in Telecommunications

Insider Insight: Dutch Wargo, Cameraman

Skills Needed for Telecommunications

Job Search Terms

What Is Visual Communication?

Careers in Visual Communication

Insider Insight: Katie Dolciato, Associate Art Director

Skills Needed for Visual Communication

What Is Public Administration?

Job Search Terms

Telecommunications and Visual Communication Jobs: By the Numbers

Chapter 8: Public Administration
What Is Public Administration?

Careers in Public Administration
Insider Insight: Jim Norris, Village Manager

Insider Insight: Michael Crotty, Assistant Village Manager/Director of Human Resources

Public Administration Jobs: By the Numbers

Skills Needed for Public Administration

Job Search Terms

Chapter 9: Nonprofits
What Are Nonprofits?

Careers in Nonprofits

Insider Insight: Emily Anderly, Fund-Raising Director

Insider Insight: Linda J. Smith, Marketing Director

Nonprofit Jobs: By the Numbers
Skills Needed for Nonprofits

Job Search Terms

Chapter 10: Skills
Hard Skills
Soft Skills

Interpersonal Skills



Chapter 11: Preparation
Personal Branding

Online Presence


Chapter 12: Experience

Volunteer Work

Course Projects

Part-Time Work

Closing Tips for Experience

Chapter 13: Searching and Applying for Jobs
Job Searching

Job Applications


Chapter 14: Interviewing



Chapter 15: Career Success Strategies
Adjustment and Assimilation

Continued Learning


About the Author

“A must-read for anyone considering a career in media or the communications industry. The book is a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to the various avenues available for anyone considering entering this profession.”

ARBA Online

Stephanie Smith

Dr. Stephanie Smith is an assistant professor of public relations in Virginia Tech's School of Communication. She studies communication in the multigenerational workplace, as well as the recruitment, retention, and engagement of employees.  More About Author

Also available as a South Asia Edition.

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