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McNamee, Gillian

Gillian Dowley McNamee Erikson Institute

Gillian Dowley McNamee, Ph.D, is professor emeritus of child development and early childhood teacher education at Erikson Institute, Chicago, IL. She has worked with early childhood teacher candidates during their preparation for public school teaching as well as long term with teachers working with children growing up in challenging social and economic situations. Gillian has carried out professional development initiatives with teachers across the United States, Europe, Taiwan, several regions of China, Turkey, and Kyrgyzstan. She speaks nationally and internationally on how teachers can listen to young children in order to become the teacher young children need to secure their future. Dr. McNamee’s expertise is in language and literacy development, and in the work of Russian psychologist, L. Vygotsky as applied to early childhood settings. She has worked extensively with the story telling and story acting activities developed by Vivian Paley. She has been a Spencer Fellow with the National Academy of Education, and recipient of one of the first Sunny Days Award from Children’s Television Workshop/Sesame Street Parents for her work developing an innovative early childhood teacher preparation program.