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American Energy

American Energy
The Politics of 21st Century Policy

First Edition

March 2014 | 232 pages | CQ Press

There are rapid, and sometimes radical, changes now transforming energy production and consumption in the United States. Utilizing contemporary examples throughout his narrative, Rosenbaum captures this transformation while analyzing how important actors, institutions, and issues impact American energy policymaking.

With clear explanations of relevant energy technologies—from controversial fracking to mountain top mining to nuclear waste storage—the book first looks at the policy options available in governing the energy economy and then discusses specific resources (petroleum and natural gas, coal, nuclear power, electricity, renewable energy, conservation) and the global energy challenges associated with climate change.

1. The Politics of Policy
2. Managing Energy: A Policy Primer
3. Carbon Policy: Petroleum and Natural Gas
4. Carbon Policy: Coal
5. Nuclear Energy
6. Renewable Energy and Electric Power
7. American and Global Energy

“For anyone interested in the rapid transformation taking place in American energy policy, Rosenbaum's new book on this subject is required reading. It is well-researched, well-written, and extremely timely.”

W. Henry Lambright
Professor of Public Administration and International Affairs, and Political Science, the Maxwell School, Syracuse University

"American Energy is a timely, thought-provoking contribution to the field. Its balanced and comprehensive treatment will leave the reader much better informed about the inputs and outputs of energy policy making. Moreover, as the discourse on national and human security broadens, we need scholarship that carefully explores and even demystifies vitally important issues. In this important respect, Rosenbaum delivers."

Christopher Burdett
Virginia Commonwealth University

"Having coherent, balanced, and future-oriented energy policies is absolutely critical to environmental quality, economic sustainability, and national security for the United States. We finally have book on US energy policy and politics that is equal to the subject. I recommend American Energy as an excellent, thoughtful, and authoritative analysis of one of the most important issues our time."

Daniel J. Fiorino
Director, Center for Environmental Policy, American University

“This book is invaluable for those seeking to be more informed about American energy policy. It does a wonderful job describing the difficult decisions currently facing policy-makers.”

Robert D. Lifset
University of Oklahoma

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Walter A. Rosenbaum

Walter A. Rosenbaum is professor emeritus of political science at the University of Florida and director emeritus of the University of Florida’s Bob Graham Center for Public Service. His recent activities include an analysis of the EPA’s capacity for climate change regulation, prepared for the Brookings Institution; an examination of the data requirements for a new Federal Environmental Legacy Act; preparation of an energy policy text for CQ Press; and an analysis of governance for MIT Press. He has also served as a staff member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and an adjunct professor in the School of Public... More About Author

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