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Adult Personality Development

Adult Personality Development
Volume 2: Applications

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Adulthood & Aging

March 1994 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This stimulating book and its companion volume, Adult Personality Development: Theories and Concepts, reflect an expansion of the coverage of Wrightsman's initial book, Personality Development in Adulthood. The luxury of greater length has permitted an exploration of new topics, including the use of a wider variety of sources including scholarly articles and books, biographies, and case studies. Increased attention is devoted to creativity in adulthood, to learning and memory, to marriage stability, and other topics. The book provides a focus for a Psychology of Adulthood course that encourages students to look at the evolving nature of their own lives. Particular attention is given to developing an extensive set of references (over 700 in this volume) as an aid to scholars. Adult Personality Development will attract a wide readership among students and professionals of Psychology, Developmental and Clinical Psychology, Aging, Family Studies, Social Psychology, Gender Studies and Nursing.
Recurring Issues in the Development of Personality in Adulthood
Occupational Changes in Adulthood
Cognitive Abilities During Adulthood
Sex Roles
Sexual Relationships and Marriage
Changes in Values and Attitudes
Reactions to Death and Dying
The Use of Personal Documents in Understanding Adult Personality Development
The Idiographic Approach to Personality Development

Lawrence S. Wrightsman

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