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Youth and Crime

Youth and Crime

Third Edition

488 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The Third Edition of this definitive, best-selling text offers the most comprehensive and authoritative overview of youth and crime available.

Youth crime and justice are constantly in the news and the subject of ongoing legislative action. This new edition keeps the reader up-to-date on a wide range of contemporary debates and covers all the essentials required in studying the topic of youth and crime at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Two new chapters on Youth Victimology and Comparative and International Youth Justice have been added to provide critical analysis of issues such as institutional abuse, child trafficking, international children's rights, and transnational policy transfer. The book also includes new material on antisocial behavior orders (ASBOs), gangs, gun and knife crime, early intervention initiatives, the respect agenda, restorative justice, and child imprisonment.

The book offers numerous tools to enhance the learning process, including chapter outlines, summary boxes, key terms, study questions, further reading lists, a glossary, and guidance on web resources.

This accessible and theoretically informed text is essential reading for students of criminology, criminal justice, sociology, youth studies, and social policy.

Youth Crime
Representations, Discourses and Data

Histories of Youth and Crime
Explaining Youth Crime I
Positivist Criminologies

Explaining Youth Crime II
Radical and Realist Criminologies

Youth Victimology
Youth Cultures, Cultural Studies and Cultural Criminology
Youth and Social Policy
Control, Regulation and Governance

Youth Justice Strategies I
Welfare and Justice

Youth Justice Strategies II
Prevention and Punishment

Comparative and International Youth Justice

Muncie has been around for years and on this offering, I hope he is around a lot longer. He is able to capture the contemporary debates well

Mr Ashley Tiffen
Law , University of Cumbria
July 7, 2011

John Muncie's Youth Crime gives a terrific, historically grounded, overview of youth crime policy, legislation, institutional experiments, and theoretical debates. For students of cultural studies his summary of approaches to youth cultures and subcultures usefully set these within the changing sociology of deviance supplying a genealogy to set beside the 'culture and society' tradition.

Dr Patrick Turner
Department of Education, London Metropolitan University
May 6, 2011

The students found this an engaging text and will use it will level 2 and level 3 students

Dr Azrini Wahidin
Sch of Sociology,Soc Policy & Soc Work, Queen's University Belfast
March 12, 2011

This is an excellent text and this third edition is welcomed. I will recommend it to probation students re. youth justice but also in terms of learning about criminological theory.

Ms Tina Eadie
Community & Criminal Justice Division, De Montfort University
January 3, 2011

This is an excellent text that we recommend to our students as additional reading for all and essential for those who are completing projects where this is particularly relevant.

Mr Stephen Moss
School of Social Sciences, Liverpool John Moores University
December 3, 2010

A great book that covers all the posts for Youth Offending Course

Mrs Colleen Moore
Dept of Humanities and Social Sciences, Anglia Ruskin University
November 10, 2010

An excellent book, clear and comprehensive

Dr Sue Penna
Department of Applied Social Sciences, Lancaster University
October 6, 2010

Comprehensive yet accessible, an authoritative book on this subject, perfect for the course's program.

Dr Maria Francisca Rebocho
Department of Political and Behavioral Science, Fernando Pessoa University
September 26, 2010

interesting and readable text to introduce students to issues around youth and crime

Mrs Angela Pike
School of Appl. Social & Community St., Liverpool John Moores University
September 7, 2010

An excellent reference to youth and crime in contemporary society. This will be a key reading for students to gain a deeper understanding of the place of youth within the CJS

Dr John Topping
Fac. of Social Sciences, Ulster University
August 2, 2010

New to this edition:

  • Two new chapters on youth victimology and comparative and international youth justice have been added to provide critical analysis of issues such as institutional abuse, child trafficking, international children's rights and transnational policy transfer.
  • new material on:

    1. antisocial behaviour orders (ASBOs)
    2. gangs
    3. gun and knife crime
    4. early intervention initiatives
    5. the respect agenda
    6. restorative justice
    7. child imprisonment

John Muncie

John Muncie is Emeritus Professor of Criminology at the Open University, UK. He is the author of Youth and Crime (5th edition, Sage, 2021), and he has published widely on issues in comparative youth justice and children’s rights, including the co-edited companion volumes Youth Crime and Justice and Comparative Youth Justice (Sage, 2006). He has produced numerous Open University texts and readers, including Crime: Local and Global (Willan, 2010), Criminal Justice: Local and Global (Willan, 2010), The Problem of Crime (2nd edition, Sage, 2001), Crime Prevention and Community Safety (Sage, 2001) and Imprisonment: European Perspectives ... More About Author