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Youth and Crime

Youth and Crime

Third Edition

488 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The Third Edition of this definitive, best-selling text offers the most comprehensive and authoritative overview of youth and crime available.

Youth crime and justice are constantly in the news and the subject of ongoing legislative action. This new edition keeps the reader up-to-date on a wide range of contemporary debates and covers all the essentials required in studying the topic of youth and crime at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Two new chapters on Youth Victimology and Comparative and International Youth Justice have been added to provide critical analysis of issues such as institutional abuse, child trafficking, international children's rights, and transnational policy transfer. The book also includes new material on antisocial behavior orders (ASBOs), gangs, gun and knife crime, early intervention initiatives, the respect agenda, restorative justice, and child imprisonment.

The book offers numerous tools to enhance the learning process, including chapter outlines, summary boxes, key terms, study questions, further reading lists, a glossary, and guidance on web resources.

This accessible and theoretically informed text is essential reading for students of criminology, criminal justice, sociology, youth studies, and social policy.

Youth Crime
Representations, Discourses and Data

Histories of Youth and Crime
Explaining Youth Crime I
Positivist Criminologies

Explaining Youth Crime II
Radical and Realist Criminologies

Youth Victimology
Youth Cultures, Cultural Studies and Cultural Criminology
Youth and Social Policy
Control, Regulation and Governance

Youth Justice Strategies I
Welfare and Justice

Youth Justice Strategies II
Prevention and Punishment

Comparative and International Youth Justice

This text provides a clear and comprehensive outline of key theoretical debates and legislation applicable to youth crime, links are made to broader narratives of childhood and adolescence with a thorough exploration of tensions, conflicts and dilemmas in policy and practice. A brilliant text for a youth justice module. It provides an accessible and engaging outline of youth crime in shifting cultural and historical contexts. Now I just need a 4th edition to bring it up to date.

Miss Jacky Foster
Social Work , Cornwall College
June 25, 2014

Still the authoritative text on the topic, but will there be a new edition soon?

Dr Jennifer Fleetwood
Department of Criminology, University of Leicester
April 17, 2014

Way too sociological for this course. I expect it would be very useful if teaching from a critical criminology perspective but it is anathema to a psychological approach.

Dr Sajid Humayun
Law Department, Greenwich University
March 10, 2014

This book provides a comprehensive and indispensable guide for those seeking to understand the historical developments, shifts, contradictions and dilemma's present within this area. This is an area that demands theoretical clarity and an appreciation of how this relates to the challenges of working within youth justice.
This impressive book places the subject within a broader examination of childhood and adolescence, making links with other elements of youth studies. Anyone serious about this subject should read this and keep it as a reference. Fantastic!

Mr Jameel Hadi
Department of Social Work, Salford University
November 25, 2013

Really good book, with lots of easily digestable analysis, very helpful for a module about deviance.

Dr Joanie Willett
Department of Politics, Exeter University
June 24, 2013

This is an essential text book for any student with an intrest in youth justice. The book covers everything from hsitorical perspective to comapartive and international youth justice. The book also covers sociological perspectives as well as using current information and data to then discuss current government policy and law.

Mrs Lowis Charfe
School of Social Work, University of Central Lancashire
May 15, 2013

John Muncie's Youth Crime is an excellent resource with a good overview of a number of key themes including youth crime policy, theoretical debates, institutional experiments, and legislation.

Mr Mark Flippance
Department of Health & Social Studies, Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education
January 15, 2013

A great text, covering all the main essential points the students need to know. Really liked the easy access 'boxes'. I would be happy to see a new edition sometime soon, as some material is now dated.

Miss Victoria Gadd
Dept of Humanities and Social Sciences, Anglia Ruskin University
November 9, 2012

This is an excellent resource that provides a comprehensive overview of a number of key themes within this subject area. I would highly recommend this text to undergraduate students who are interested in this topic as a starting point from which to build their knowledge further.

Mrs Samantha Shaw
Faculty of Education & Theology, York St John University College
June 30, 2012

A fantastic read, engaging from the first page right through to the last. I would highly recommend for anyone interested in Criminology who requires a comprehensive overview of the youth of todays attitude to crime and disorder.

Miss Frances Jackson
Public Services, Peterborough Regional College
October 20, 2011

New to this edition:

  • Two new chapters on youth victimology and comparative and international youth justice have been added to provide critical analysis of issues such as institutional abuse, child trafficking, international children's rights and transnational policy transfer.
  • new material on:

    1. antisocial behaviour orders (ASBOs)
    2. gangs
    3. gun and knife crime
    4. early intervention initiatives
    5. the respect agenda
    6. restorative justice
    7. child imprisonment

John Muncie

John Muncie is Emeritus Professor of Criminology at the Open University, UK. He is the author of Youth and Crime (5th edition, Sage, 2021), and he has published widely on issues in comparative youth justice and children’s rights, including the co-edited companion volumes Youth Crime and Justice and Comparative Youth Justice (Sage, 2006). He has produced numerous Open University texts and readers, including Crime: Local and Global (Willan, 2010), Criminal Justice: Local and Global (Willan, 2010), The Problem of Crime (2nd edition, Sage, 2001), Crime Prevention and Community Safety (Sage, 2001) and Imprisonment: European Perspectives ... More About Author