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Your Second Phase

Your Second Phase
Reclaiming Work and Relationships During and After Menopause

First Edition

January 2021 | 276 pages | SAGE Response

Menopause is a fact of every woman’s life. For 75% of women, the symptoms they experience will have a detrimental effect on their ability to work, interact with colleagues and maintain relationships with those they love. It can have a corrosive effect on women’s confidence, social ability and even their sense of self. 

Moving forward, it is important to create a conversation around menopause and how organizations and individuals can be more empathetic to women at this stage of life. In this book, Kate explores the best ways to cope with these changes, how to manage new and existing relationships and how to manage your future—all in an accessible and entertaining way.
Taking the pause out of Menopause
So, what is Menopause?
Final thoughts
Being a second phase woman
Further reading

“This book shines a light on what should be a priority workplace issue – Menopause. The chapter on work provides valuable insight that will give many women the confidence to start a conversation in their organization about the support that could help with their symptoms and transform their working life.”

Rachel Suff
Senior Policy Adviser, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)

“Blending facts and statistics about Menopause with practical tips for dealing with symptoms, Kate Usher covers many topics relevant to Menopausal woman in today’s society and encourages a gentle and curious approach to self-care.”

Sarah Scarratt
Coach and trainer, NLP and Clean Language

“Many women are now working through Menopause; this book concisely explains their legal rights and the obligations of their employers to support them, as well as providing a valuable resource and advice on all aspects of life and Menopause.”

Gemma Dale
Co-founder, The Work Consultancy

“Your Second Phase is an important book for our times, and puts a complete discussion around Menopause firmly on the agenda. It is practical and informative at the same time as being supportive, gentle, encouraging and empathetic. Kate’s writing style is engaging, witty, honest and raw, and she successfully lifts a lid on the challenges so many women want acknowledging and the questions they want answering. Nothing is off limits – relationships, esteem, dating, body and brain changes and how to give yourself permission to evolve and navigate the often rocky seas of Menopause. I highly recommend it and wish it had been available when I started my Menopause journey ten years ago – for my whole family to read.”

Gill McKay
Coach, speaker and author, Stuck: Brain smart insights for coaches

“For many women, the reality of Menopause and its impact is likely to come as a shock. It certainly did for me when I started my Menopause journey with Kate – a font of knowledge on the subject. This book is an essential read for anyone wanting to take control of their Menopause, or for those who are wondering whether they may be going through it. Some of us are lucky enough to escape with minimal symptoms but, for most of us, the impact of Menopause is significant. Far from being a medical textbook, this book is a light-hearted, easy-to-understand guide with plenty of anecdotes and exercises to help you make sense of the subject and your own personal experience. You will learn more about yourself, your relationships and, most importantly, how to take care of both as you travail Menopause. Whether you are already experiencing Menopause, want to prepare for what’s ahead, or if you are supporting someone else, Kate’s humorous observations of our human experiences make this often
awkward and ‘secret’ subject more accessible for everyone.”

Natasha Wallace
Author, The Conscious Effect: 50 lessons for better organizational wellbeing

“Kate has created a valuable, comprehensive, go-to guide to help you coach yourself through all aspects of Menopause and beyond.”

Diane Danzebrink
Therapist and Menopause expert and Founder, Menopause Support and #MakeMenopauseMatter campaign

“Kate’s work here is a gift to understand more about the complex area of Menopause. We finally have a book that enlightens and taboo-busts, so we can all help the women in our lives to their second phase.”

Perry Timms
MCIPD & FRSA, Chief Energy Officer, PTHR, and HR Most Influential Thinkers 2017-2019

Kate Usher

Kate Usher is a highly experienced Menopause and Relationships Coach, working with women on the successful creation, development and growth of personal and career relationships during this period of intense and unpredictable change. She combines her extensive experience as a corporate change leader and her own Menopausal journey to deliver a uniquely positive approach. More About Author

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