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Your Leadership Matters

Your Leadership Matters
Empowering Educators of the Global Majority and Allies

September 2025 | 152 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This book is for everyone within education who wants to learn more about the structural barriers faced by the global majority and who want to make positive changes in the sector that allow everyone to belong and work towards leadership.


The author supports and encourages members of global majority within the education sector to aspire to leadership positions, even when faced with the structural barriers and inequities of the sector. It will take the reader on a journey of self-reflection and remind them of key truths that will re-energise them to take proactive actions to propel them forward towards personal goals that will change the racial landscape of leadership in education.

At the same time this book also provides advice on how to be a supportive ally and how those in leadership can better support their global majority staff in moving upwards.

Know Your Why
Gain Full View
Make The Moves
Keep it Real
Call it Out or Call it in
It's a Lie
You Can Be

Nadine Bernard

Nadine has been working in education for 17 years and gained her first headship at the age of 31, being considered at the time as one of the youngest black Headteachers in the UK. This achievement reflects her passion to challenge stereotypes and redefine norms. Nadine most recently founded Aspiring Heads, a multi-award winning social enterprise that challenges racial disparities within education in the UK. Her work has provided impactful and affordable leadership development for black educators, along with access to culturally competent networks that helps to elevate the next generation of black leaders. Being highly skilled in executive... More About Author

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