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Your Dissertation in Education

Your Dissertation in Education

328 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Your Dissertation in Education provides a systematic, practical approach to dissertation and project writing for students in education.

This is a revised edition of Nicholas Walliman's best-selling Your Undergraduate Dissertation, specifically developed for students from a range of educational disciplines, including teacher training, early childhood and education studies. This book is unique in being the first devoted to providing a guide that is tailored to fit the specific needs of education students.  The contents chart the whole dissertation-writing process, from establishing a question and thinking about research, to completing the writing, and dissemination.  Throughout, the emphasis is on providing practical, down-to-earth advice that addresses common questions, such as: 

  • How do I get started?
  • How do I write a research proposal?
  • How do I write an introduction?
  • How do I write a literature review?
  • How do I argue my point effectively?
  • How do I write a methodology chapter?
  • How can I work effectively with my supervisor?
  • How do I cope with stress?

Practical examples, summary sections and additional references are incorporated throughout, providing the reader with a comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide to completing their dissertation successfully.

Nicholas Walliman
is Senior Lecturer and Researcher, Oxford Brookes University
Scott Buckler is Senior Lecturer, Institute of Education, University of Worcester

What is a Dissertation?
What is Educational Research?
What's all this about Ethics?
What will it be About?
How do I Get Started?
How do I Write a Proposal?
How do I Write an Introduction?
Where Do I Get Hold of all The Necessary Background Information?
How Can I Manage all The Notes?
What about Referencing?
How do I Argue My Point Effectively?
How do I Write a Literature Review?
What Sorts of Data Will I Find and How Much do I Need?
What's all this about Philosophy?
How do I Conduct Effective Interviews?
How do I Structure Effective Questionnaires?
How do I Undertake Effective Observations?
How do I Write a Methodology Chapter?
How do I Analyze Quantitative Data?
How do I Analyze Qualitative Data?
How do I Write a Discussion Chapter?
How can I Work Effectively with My Supervisor?
What about Working and Planning My Time?
How can I Manage a Long Piece of Writing?
How can I Make my Work Look Interesting and Easy to Read?
How do I Cope With Stress?
Who else Might be Interested in My Writing?

Well structured. One of many which may be used

Dr Sean McCusker
School of Education, Durham University
June 8, 2015

This book provides a very good breakdown of the different chapters required for a good dissertation/research project and importantly, is a student-friendly read.

Mr Stu Field
Sport and Physical Activity, Edge Hill University
April 18, 2013

Accessible and relevant for undergraduate level students.

Dr Frances Tracy
Faculty of Educ, Community & Leisure, Liverpool John Moores University
March 27, 2013

A useful text, with plenty of support for undergraduate students getting to grips as novice researchers. It offers advice and matters for consideration, as well as useful examples of ways in which research methodologies and methods have been used in the real world.

Mrs Linzi McKerr
Education , Worcester University
December 3, 2012

Really comprehensive and informative. A must-have for students researching in education

Miss Nicola O'keefe
Roehampton Business School, Roehampton University
May 3, 2012

I am recommending this frequently to my final year BEd students. It is easy to read and covers all the essential elements. I particularly like the sections about data and the chapter about philosophy.
A good book to dip in and out of - the chapters are well-defined and clearly organised.

Mrs Jacqueline McNeil
Education , Gloucestershire University
December 16, 2011

A good basic text for BA students.

Mrs Deborah Lampert
Sch of Education & Lifelong Learning, University of East Anglia
December 12, 2011

Excellent book. Highly recommended it for undergraduates

Dr Judith Butler
Social & General Studies Department, Cork Institute of Technology
November 17, 2011

This is an Educational Dissertation text that is straightforward, easy for 2nd Year students to get to grips with in terms of the research theories, and then gives them a logical structure to follow when they have to complete a dissertation in the 3rd Year. I have recommended this as my Physical Education students first point of reference. Highly recommended.

Mr Alan Thomson
Physical Education , Edge Hill University
April 20, 2011

I like the format of this book. There is a logical progression following the format of a dissertation. Clear and well set out sections. Good balance of text and diagrams.

Joy Carroll
Institute of Education, Worcester University
March 21, 2011

Sample Materials & Chapters

Introduction PDF

Nicholas Walliman

Nicholas Walliman is a qualified architect and Senior Lecturer in the School of the Built Environment at Oxford Brookes University and a researcher associate in the Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development. After many years of practice in architecture in the UK and abroad, he returned to academic life to do his PhD. This experience raised his interest in research theory and methods, and he was subsequently asked by the university to write a distance learning course to guide postgraduate students embarking on research degrees. This course provided the raw material and incentive for writing this book. He has subsequently published... More About Author

Scott Buckler

Scott Buckler has an extensive career in education, as a primary and secondary school teacher, elearning developer, and as a principal lecturer, having worked for four universities predominantly in education, psychology and inclusion. Scott has led degree programmes from undergraduate to doctoral level, and lectured predominantly on applied educational psychology, research methods, elearning and leadership. Scott has a PhD in anthropology and is widely published in the areas of psychology and education. He is a Chartered Teacher and a Chartered Psychologist with expertise in transpersonal psychology. In recent years, Scott has returned to... More About Author

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