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Young Managers at the Crossroads

Young Managers at the Crossroads
The Trishanku Complex

First Edition
  • Pulin K Garg - Indian Society for Individual and Social Development, Ahmedabad
  • Indira J Parikh - Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India

May 1993 | 200 pages | SAGE India
The management school graduate, or MBA, is considered to be technically sound but arrogant and demanding. They are seen as intolerant of superiors, hankering after an affluent life style, and given to changing jobs frequently. The purpose of this absorbing volume is not just to test the validity of these perceptions but to explore the inner world of the young Indian manager. Based on a ten-year longitudinal study of 125 professionals in India, this fascinating study reveals rare insights into the world of the young managers of India. Quoting extensively from their respondents, the authors record the hopes and aspirations of these professionals; the daily pressures they are subjected to both in the workplace and at home; their perceptions of society; and the problems they encountered in marriage and in their role as parents. "The book provides fascinating psycho-social profiles of MBAs. The readers would probably be provoked to analytically examine how the interplay of cultural, organizational and educational factors shape the psycho-social identity of MBAs. The book is worth reading by managers, social scientists, as well as students of management education." --Sociology Bulletin "This book is bound to interest a wide variety of people-senior managers and individuals involved with the personnel function in organizations, the MBA's and their managers, and, post graduate and research students in management and other disciplines. The book also has potential for contributing to design and development of management education in India." -NMIMS Management Review "Young Managers at the Crossroads is fascinating as it takes us on a tour of the MBA's psyche." --Business Today "This book is a must for the faculty of management institutes who could make the MBA course more user friendly, industry friendly, and environmental friendly." -Management and Labour Studies
The MBAs
The MBA and His Interface with Work Organisation
The MBAs in Their Life Space
Disillusionment, Reorientation and Reality Appraisal of the Self
Emergence of Life-Style and Role Stances

Conceptual Framework

Pulin K Garg

Indira J Parikh

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ISBN: 9780803991101