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Young Children's Thinking

Young Children's Thinking

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November 2012 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Thanks to its clear links between theory and practice, this highly accessible book will be valuable to early childhood practitioners, teachers and students. The author explores the development of children's thinking from 0-7 years, and shares the implications of these developments for practice in the home, Early Years settings and schools.

The book includes:

  • Case studies
  • Professional checkpoints to help reflection
  • Practical suggestions
  • Guidance on how to involve parents
  • Suggested further reading
  • Questions for discussion

It will be a great asset for students on Early Years Foundation Degrees, Early Years Initial Teacher Education and Early Childhood Studies courses.

Thinking about Young Children Thinking
Thinking about Young Children's Thinking
Early Thoughts: Babies' and Infants' Thinking from Birth to Three Years
How Close Adults Can Support Babies' and Infants' Thinking
Playing with Thoughts and Ideas: Young Children's Thinking three to five Years
How Close Adults Can Support Young Children's Thinking three to five Years
Brimming with Thoughts at Home and in School: Children's Thinking five to seven Years
How Close Adults Can Support Children's Thinking during the Early School Years

'This is a book to be treasured. Not only does this deeply respected pioneer of early childhood education bring together major research literature, theoretical understanding and practical help, but she does so in a way that demonstrates her love and commitment in working with young children and helping them to have rich lives intellectually and with personal fulfilment'
- Professor Tina Bruce, CBE

'What comes through is weighty warmth. The weight of research and experience coupled with the warmth of the fascination of children's development over Marion's professional and personal lifetime'
- Mick Waters, Professor of Education at Wolverhampton University

'Marion Dowling's highly knowledgeable yet accessible book will be hugely valuable for all those who care deeply about young children's learning and development'
- Liz Roberts, Editor, Nursery World

'This book is a tour de force which has the potential to change practice and thinking about early childhood'
- Helen Moylett, Early Learning Consultancy, President of Early Education

'It is such a rich kaleidescope of Marion's own original thinking, research and real children. I believe it is so powerfully presented that it will have a huge impact and influence throughout the world of early childhood and education'
-Paddy Beels,Wingate Nursery School

'One of the most enjoyable academic reads I have experienced lately...Lovingly written by a deeply respected and experienced pioneer who effortlessly brings together leading research literature, theoretical understanding and practical with an almost tangible passion'

Martine Horvath, Early Years Educator

One of the most beautiful and enjoyable academic reads I have experienced recently. Exploring the development of children’s thinking from birth to seven-years-old, and how this affects home, early years settings and schools. Lovingly written by a deeply respected and experienced pioneer who effortlessly brings together leading research literature, theoretical understanding and practical help with an almost tangible passion. This book will warm you from the inside out as you smile at the knowledge and case studies, drawn from a lifetime of experience, to help illustrate clearly and accessibly the multi-faceted aspects of supporting children’s thinking.  

Martine Horvath

This is a great book that brings together theory and practice. Its rich content consists of both literature-based and research-based paradigms along with practical helpful tips. It is a very good guide for educators with plenty of ideas provided concerning approaches to be adopted for understanding young children's thinking as well as promoting their personal fulfillment.

Dr Kyriakos Demetriou
Education , Liverpool Hope University
March 17, 2016

an excellent resource to support students in their work with young children.

Mrs Victoria Bamsey
Plymouth Institute of Education, University of Plymouth
November 24, 2015

an excellent test that really pulls apart what we mean when we talk about young children's thinking.

Mrs Victoria Bamsey
Plymouth Institute of Education, University of Plymouth
November 24, 2015

An inspirational and knowledgeable text, this is very valuable to anyone interested or involved in the care and development of young children.

Ms Caroline Edna Brooks
Learning and Teaching Institute, Sheffield Hallam University
August 23, 2015

Marion has provided us with yet another interesting text book to supplement the understanding of the way young children think and learn. Excellent links to practice and incorporating the theory behind them.
The anatomy of the brain gives us focus into how children develop, such studies have been carried out on numerous occasions and the quote on page 3, sums it up quite nicely.
The case studies give the reader a chance to apply their own understanding and to think about and reflect on their practice.
Any text book that gives you ideas for activities and actively promotes inclusion is worth a closer look.

Ms Lisa Oneill
Education , City College Norwich
June 17, 2014

This is an excellent book which looks at children's thinking. The creative section is an excellent read.

Mrs Liz Tomlin
Early years, Adult Education Centre
February 12, 2014

Particularly liked chapter 3 - How close adults can support babies' and infants' thinking.
A student recently said to me that she didn't think that babies did think so this chapter would be particularly useful to help to support students such as this!!!

Mrs Tanya Richardson
School of Education, Northampton University
December 17, 2013

This is a valuable text for those working with children in the early years, but it is also highly informative for those managing the transition from early years to KS1. The inclusion of parents' perspective means practitioners can think about how to work in partnership; the clear links to theoretical underpinning provide a framework for practice based on solid research and evidence.

Mrs Branwen Bingle
Institute of Education, Worcester Univ.
December 13, 2013

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Marion Dowling

Marion Dowling was involved in the pre-school playgroup movement, taught in London and was headteacher of a state nursery school. She was an educational adviser in two local authorities, a member of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate, and has been involved in a number of government working parties on early years.  She now works as a trainer and consultant in the UK and overseas.Marion is an experienced author and is vice president of Early Education, a national charity.  More About Author

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