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Writing Up Qualitative Research

Writing Up Qualitative Research

August 1990 | 96 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Written in an accessible style this volume tackles such topics as beginning to write, continuing to write, editing and getting published, and ensuring that the researcher's final account is written so well that the qualitative study is also a quality one. It is indispensable not only to qualitative researchers but to anyone engaged in social research for whom the link between conducting research and writing it up appears more of an obstacle than an opportunity.
Reading About Writing
Getting Going
Keeping Going
Tightening Up
Finishing Up
Getting Published

Harry Fletcher Wolcott

Harry F. Wolcott (Ph.D. Stanford) taught at the University of Oregon, serving on both the faculties of education and anthropology. He authored several ethnographic texts that included his experiences among the Kwakiutl Indians of British Columbia and with the African Beer Gardens of Bulawayo, Rhodesia, as well on ethnographic method and on writing itself, with a focus on qualitative research. His publications included: Transforming Qualitative Data (SAGE 1994); Art of Fieldwork (2nd ed., Altamira Press 2005); Ethnography: A Way of Seeing (2nd ed., Altamira Press 2008); Writing Up Qualitative Research (3rd ed., SAGE 2009); Sneaky Kid and... More About Author

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