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Write Reflectively

Write Reflectively

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December 2022 | 144 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Your step-by-step guide to reflective writing, this book gives you the practical skills to reflect on and learn from your experiences.

With a clear framework that works for different situations and types of assignments, learn how to:

·       Take the time and space to reflect
·       Find a structure and writing style to communicate your experiences
·       Solve real-world problems
·       Set goals for future action

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Chapter 1: What is writing reflectively?
Chapter 2: Why do I write about critical incidents?
Chapter 3: What kind of language is used in reflective writing?
Chapter 4: Which reflective model should I use?
Chapter 5: What kind of evidence is used?
Chapter 6: How do I write an introduction in a reflective assignment?
Chapter 7: How do I write a conclusion in a reflective assignment?
Chapter 8: What kind of structure can I use for the main body of my reflection?
Chapter 9: How do I write about my personal learning development?
Chapter 10: How do I write about my professional development?


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Julian Edwards

I have always wanted to be an author. I have worked as a journalist, teacher and university lecturer in my career to date. I have lived in the USA, Sudan, Japan and Portugal. I have returned to live in the UK having absorbed the different ways of thinking and learning in the world. Learning through experience and actively seeking a valid solution seems a common goal in most cultures, hence my interest in Writing Reflectively. I have worked for the University of Sussex, Southampton  and Portsmouth where I am currently employed as a lecturer in Academic Skills. In my free-time I enjoy the challenge of preparing work for presentation in... More About Author