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Write Reflectively

Write Reflectively

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December 2022 | 152 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Your step-by-step guide to reflective writing, this book gives you the practical skills to reflect on and learn from your experiences.

With a clear framework that works for different situations and types of assignments, learn how to:

·       Take the time and space to reflect
·       Find a structure and writing style to communicate your experiences
·       Solve real-world problems
·       Set goals for future action

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What Is Writing Reflectively?
Why Is A Reflective Learner Journal Useful?
How Do I Prepare For A Reflective Assignment?
How Do I Create A Good Theme?
How do I manage my research time?
What Do I Need To Write A Rough Plan?
How Can I Use Critical Writing In My Final Draft?
Which Techniques Help In Editing My Final Draft?
How Do I Recycle My Assignment Feedback?


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This is a useful book to enhance your reflective skills. The step by step guide provides a logical approach to reflection and the practical skills effectively enhance your understanding of how to reflect on own experience.

Mrs Jayne Double
Teacher Training, Suffolk New College
February 2, 2024

A basic reader helpful for those struggling to get to grips with reflective writing. Simple exercises and a very quick read.

Ms Amanda Davis
Dept of Childhood, Youth and Education Studies, Manchester Metropolitan University
January 24, 2023

Julian Edwards

I am interested in using feelings about past experiences to find valid pathways for future action. This reflective exercise is common to most cultures. I enjoy useful insight which arrives when we explore the differences between viewpoints. This insight is a good source for writing themes.  I have studied and worked as a journalist, teacher and university lecturer in the USA, Sudan, Japan, Portugal and England, where I was lucky enough to absorb different ways of thinking and learning in the world.  I have worked on writing and presenting critical thinking skills at the University of Winchester, Sussex, Southampton... More About Author

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