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Workplace Counselling

Workplace Counselling
A Systematic Approach to Employee Care

264 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Hand-in-hand with the increase in the number of organizations offering counseling for their employees comes a growing demand for counselors who are skilled not only in helping the individual but also in managing the counseling process within a workplace setting. Meeting such a need, Workplace Counseling provides guidance on how to operate best in an employee counselor role and how to tackle the issues the new role raises. Author Michael Carroll presents a generic, integrative model of employee counseling, which shows how to organize, administer, and manage the entire process of individual counseling, from assessment to termination, within an organizational setting. He covers vital areas such as how to assess an organization for counseling provision, how to contract with the organization, the impact of the organization on counseling, divided loyalties, ethical dilemmas, evaluation and value clashes, and training and supervision. As organizations grow and provide new services to their employees, professionals in counseling may be called upon to administer their services in a nontraditional setting. Workplace Counseling addresses important issues that will be of special interest to not only professionals and students of counseling but those in personnel and human resources management and occupational psychology.
Understanding Workplace Counselling
Models of Workplace Counselling
Workplace Counselling Today
Trends and Debates

The Impact of Organizations on Workplace Counselling
Setting Up Counselling in the Workplace
An Integrative Model of Individual Employee Counselling
Evaluating Workplace Counselling
Ethical Issues in Workplace Counselling
Training for Workplace Counsellors
Supervising Workplace Counsellors

`A clear, concise, easily accessible and thoroughly useful book... essential reading for anyone involved in the practice and delivery of an EAP into an organization. I would guess it is destined to become a core textbook. It is one I highly recommend' - Self & Society

`A welcome addition... As someone who finds herself constantly discussing the scope, nature and breadth of counselling at work, I was heartened by Michael Carroll's outline of its many faces, which reflects the reality... In the best sense of the phrase, it is an easy read... what the book does very effectively is bring... knowledge and awareness together, and maybe help us to formulate and articulate our own responses to questions concerning workplace counselling more effectively... this book's greatest value is for those training as workplace counsellors, or people making the move into that role. A copy on the desk of employers and PR managers would not go amiss either' - Counselling at Work

`Accessible and meaningful... a valuable contribution to the growing body of literature on counselling in specific contexts, and Michael Carroll is to be congratulated for his skill in pulling together so many strands that influence the workplace counsellor's role' - Human Resource Management Journal

`[This book] covers the role of counsellors in organizations and looks at the conflicts raised between counsellor, client and the organization. Michael Carroll offers an integrative model of employee counselling from initial assessment through to termination, and shows how to manage the issues peculiar to the workplace setting. His book is accessible, comprehensive and carefully researched... Key points are illustrated with case examples and useful diagrams throughout... Workplace Counselling is an invaluable resource book for anyone (counsellors, EAP providers and companies) involved in workplace counselling. Helpful and informative, it is set to become a classic text in its field' - Counselling and Psychotherapy, The Journal of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

`Carroll raises important issues about training for workplace counsellors and the roles they perform. The book highlights an additional complexity arising from organisational dynamics, and focuses on the importance of organisational cultures in the success or failure of workplace counselling schemes... The central recurring theme of the book is a plea for effective training for workplace counsellors. Consequently, it would form an ideal baseline for such training. I would see a role for organisations and training providers forming partnerships to deal with many of the issues highlighted. This would inject a significant slice of reality into training' - People Management

`This practical book is very readable and will act as a prime source for workplace counsellors for some time to come... Carroll's great achievement is to bring together material which has so far been scattered and difficult to access... There is a capacity for clarity in this enterprise which is admirably exemplified in this book. This clarity is never confused with mindless enthusiasm or obstinate denial of the very real dilemmas... I recommend that all interested in this fastest growing area of counselling get hold of this book. It will soon be indispensable' - Human Potential

`The sections on the history and development of counselling... present some important and useful details... A section on setting up a workplace counselling scheme is sensible and straightforward, and raises most of the important questions for providers and purchasers alike... Also welcome is the decision to include a section on the ethics of workplace counselling, perhaps the most useful part of which is a very practical framework for ethical decision-making... It may be true that the influences of the organizational and cultural context in which counsellors work are too often neglected, and Carroll's emphasis on them is as welcome as it is overdue' - British Journal of Guidance and Counselling

`Throughout the book, the author makes good use of case studies to back up his points, with the result that it comes across as being firmly rooted in reality... For anyone planning to set up a counselling service within an organization, this book is an invaluable resource... Carroll's recurring theme is a plea for effective training for workplace counsellors... the book forms an ideal baseline for such training, and is a valuable resource for practising counsellors, employers who may be considering a counselling service or anybody who is interested in knowing more about this rapidly devleoping subject' - Interactive Magazine, St George's Hospital Medical School Conference Unit

`In this book, the author delineates the merits of full-time workplace counselors... The language is well-articulated [with] no academic jargon. The authors draws on counseling issues that would be current and appropos, ie sexual harrassment, cultural diversity, dispute resolution. The book takes a hands-on and how-to approach [with] good use of case examples' - The Journal of Staff, Program, & Organization Development

A text appropriate for use in organisational development and well-being courses. Good coverage of models and ethical issues especially.

Mr Antonio Pangallo
Department of Psychology, City University
April 23, 2013

Michael Carroll

Michael Carroll, Ph.D. is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist. He is an accredited Executive Coach and an accredited Supervisor of Executive Coaches with APECS (Association for Professional Executive Coaches and Supervisors).     Michael is Visiting Industrial Professor in the Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol and the winner of the 2001 British Psychological Society Award for Distinguished Contributions to Professional Psychology.   Michael works with individuals, teams and organizations specializing in the theme of learning and wellbeing.  He supervises, coaches and trains nationally and... More About Author

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