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Working with Political Science Research Methods

Working with Political Science Research Methods
Problems and Exercises

Fourth Edition

168 pages | CQ Press
In this Fourth Edition of Working with Political Science Research Methodsstudents are given the perfect opportunity to practice the methods presented in Political Science Research Methods, Eighth Edition. With new exercises and data sets, this edition of this helpful supplement pairs with the text chapter for chapter, and breaks each aspect of the research process into manageable parts. A solutions manual with answers to the workbook is available to adopters.
Introduction: Practice Makes Perfect
The Empirical Approach to Political Science
Beginning the Research Process: Identifying a Research Topic, Developing Research Questions, and Reviewing the Literature
The Building Blocks of Social Scientific Research: Hypotheses, Concepts, and Variables
The Building Blocks of Social Scientific Research: Measurement
Research Design: Making Causal Inferences
Making Empirical Observations: Firsthand Observation
Document Analysis: Using the Written Record
Survey Research and Interviewing
Making Sense of Data: First Steps
Statistical Inference
Investigating Relationships between Two Variables
Multivariate Analysis

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1

Jason D. Mycoff

Jason Mycoff is associate professor of political science and international relations at the University of Delaware. His research is on American political institutions, in particular the US Congress, congressional committees, and parties. More About Author