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Working with Parents in the Early Years

Working with Parents in the Early Years

Second Edition

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July 2013 | 160 pages | Learning Matters
This book is written for all students of the Early Years. It begins by examining the role of a parent in a child's life and the importance of good working relationships between parents and Early Years practitioners. It goes on to discuss the preconceptions and assumptions that we all have about families and parents and considers the practical implications of working with parents in a respectful and trusting partnership. It explores both interpersonal and communication skills and the formal and informal ways of involving parents in the early years experience of their children.

About the Early Years series
This series has been designed to support students of degrees and foundation degrees in Early Years, Early Childhood and related disciplines. Each text takes a focused look at a specific topic and approaches it in an accessible and user-friendly way. Learning features help readers engage with the text and understand the subject from a number of different viewpoints. Tasks pose questions to prompt thought and discussion and further reading suggestions, including useful websites, are included to help students access extended learning in each topic. 

Other titles in the series are Early Childhood Studies, Becoming a Practitioner in the Early Years, Child Observation for the Early Years and Exploring Play for Early Childhood Studies.

Ute Ward has been involved in the Early Years sector for more than 20 years in a range of different roles and contexts. In October 2011 Ute became Senior Lecturer in Early Years at the University of Hertfordshire where she teaches on Foundation Degrees and on undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
The Role of a Parent in a Child's Life

Parents and What We Think about Them

The Child-Parent-Practitioner Triangle

Partnership Working - Involving Parents in Your Setting

Partnership Working - When Parents Are Not in Your Setting

The Learning Partnership

When Partnerships Get Difficult

Working with Others to Support Parents

Beyond the Triangle


This book is excellent for my students for valuable underpinning Knowledge. Thank you

Mrs Donna O'Connor
Hair Beauty & Early Years, North West Regional College (NWRC) Strabane Campus
November 23, 2020

The text gives practical ways in which practitioners can work effectively with parents. The text links to the work of others which can be used for extended reading.

Mrs leanne Hall
International & Continuing Education, Tyne Metropolitan College
May 2, 2019

An accessible and relevant text which will be a valuable resource for students studying working with parents.

Ms Nicola Dawn Watson
Centre For Early Childhood, Worcester University
July 6, 2016

Easy to read and understand.
Students found it very useful and used it as a reference throughout their assignment

Ms Fay Albans-Ross
School of Education, Nottingham Trent University
July 14, 2016

Useful for trainee teachers

Miss Deborah Boekestein
Division of Education, London South Bank University
August 26, 2015

This book will support the Dynamics in Families module.

Mr Aaron Bradbury
School of Education and Community, University College Birmingham
June 18, 2015

The students found this a useful source to support their assignment, promoting positive relationships. The book was easily accessible and incorporated much of the information the students needed.

Miss Lisa Holland
Education , Tameside College
June 1, 2015

A brilliant book that has been successfully used by students in order for them to understand the importance of working in partnership with parents.

Mrs Svetlana Shivacheva
University Centre Croydon, Croydon College
January 6, 2015

A comprehensive guide to the importance of working with parents; how practitioners can develop effective and professional working relationship with parents; and a discussion of the difficulties and issues that may arise and ways of resolving them. The book is well written with opportunities given for reflection and further reading. Very appropriate for students studying on Early Years and Education programmes.

Dr Rhiannon Packer
School of Psychology, Counselling and Early Years, University of South Wales
September 1, 2014

very good aspects for working with parents

Ms Alison Stevenson
Early years & young people, North West Regional college
August 20, 2014

Ute Ward

Ute Ward has been involved in the Early Years sector for the past 19 years as a parent, volunteer, play group assistant and play group leader. Recognising the vital role parents play in a child’s life she moved to working more directly with adults first as a development officer and tutor for the Pre-school Learning Alliance and then for 4 years as Community Involvement Co-ordinator in a Sure Start Local Programme. In November 2007 Ute became manager of a phase 2 Children’s Centre and is now also developing a phase 3 Children’s Centre. More About Author

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