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Working in Restructured Workplaces

Working in Restructured Workplaces
Challenges and New Directions for the Sociology of Work

July 2012 | 512 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
What are the contemporary trends in workplace restructuring and the sociological impact on workers' lives? Around what concepts will work be organized and groups and individuals motivated in their work into the new century?

To give you definition and answers to these contemporary questions, the editors of the sociological quarterly, Work and Occupations, assembled Working in Restructured Workplaces. It addresses contradictory influences in contemporary workplace restructuring, its impact on workers' lives, and the direction and nature of future changes in the workplace. This authentic collection of sociological thought and research consists of previous works in Work and Occupations and some commissioned specifically for this book to focus on the nature, causes, and consequences of workplace restructuring.

The editors introduce a new concept of `workplace restructuring' to broaden your perspective and then assess implications for workers and their lives. The chapters address four major themes:

· reconfiguring workplace status hierarchies

· casualization of employment relationships

· restructuring and worker marginalization

· comparative labor responses to global restructuring.

The last two chapters chart new research agendas on the boundaries and durability of workplace restructuring.

D.B. Cornfield, et al
Working in Restructured Workplaces: An Introduction
V. Smith
1. Teamwork vs. Tempwork: Managers and the Dualisms of Workplace Restructuring
I.M. Taplin
2. Flexible Production, Rigid Jobs: Lessons From the Clothing Industry
J.R. Zetka, Jr.
3. The Technological Foundations of Task-Coordinating Structures in New Work Organizations: Theoretical Notes From the Case of Abdominal Surgery
E.K. Briody, et al
4. A Tale of Two Career Paths: The Process of Status Acquisition by a New Organizational Unit
M. Kenney, et al
5. Learning Factories or Reproduction Factories? Labor-Management Relations in the Japanese Consumer Electronics Maquiladoras in Mexico
D.M. Figart
6. The Impact of Comparable Worth on Earnings Inequality
D. Carr
7. Two Paths to Self-Employment? Women's and Men's Self-Employment in the United States, 1980
N.C. Jurik
8. Getting Away and Getting By: The Experiences of Self-Employed Homeworkers
M.M. Cheng & A.L. Kalleberg
9. How Permanent Was Permanent Employment? Patterns of Organizational Mobility in Japan, 1916-1975
J.R. Lincoln & Y. Nakata
10. The Transformation of the Japanese Employment System: Nature, Depth, and Origins
K. Schellenberg
11. Taking It or Leaving It: Instability and Turnover in a High-Tech Firm
J.K. Rogers
12. Just a Temp: Experience and Structure of Alienation in Temporary Clerical Employment
C.E. Ross & M.P. Wright
13. Women's Work, Men's Work, and the Sense of Control
R. Hodson
14. Group Relations at Work: Solidarity, Conflict, and Relations With Management
L.H. Aiken & D.M. Sloane
15. Effects of Organizational Innovations in AIDS Care on Burnout Among Urban Hospital Nurses
T.J. Hoff & D.P. McCaffrey
16. Adapting, Resisting, and Negotiating: How Physicians Cope With Organizational and Economic Change
B.A. Rubin & B.T. Smith
17. Reemployment in the Restructured Economy: Surviing Change, Displacement, and the Gales of Creative Destruction
A. van den Berg, et al
18. To Cut or Not to Cut: A Cross-National Comparison of Attitudes Toward Wage Flexibility
T. Boswell & D. Stevis
19. Globalization and International Labor Organizing: A World-System Perspective
R. Hyman
20. Trade Unions and European Integation
R.J. Adams
21. The Impact of the Movement Toward Hemispheric Free Trade on Industrial Relations
F.C. Deyo
22. Labor and Post-Fordist Industrial Restructuring in East and Southeast Asia
P.M. Hirsch & C.E. Naquin
23. The Changing Sociology of Work and the Reshaping of Careers
A.L. Kalleberg
24. The Advent of the Flexible Workplace: Implications for Theory and Research
25. Index
About the Contributors

Daniel B. Cornfield

Daniel B. Cornfield (Ph.D., University of Chicago) is Professor of Sociology at Vanderbilt University. His research on labor movements, immigration, organizational careers, and social relations in workplaces and labor markets has appeared in over 40 articles and several books, has been supported by the National Science Foundation, Russell Sage Foundation, UN International Labor Office, Tennessee state government, and Metropolitan Government of Nashville-Davidson County, and has been translated into Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. A member of the the Sociological Research Association (national honorary society), he is the recipient of the... More About Author

Karen E. Campbell

Holly J. McCammon

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