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Women, Media and Sport

Women, Media and Sport
Challenging Gender Values

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Mass Communication Theory

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This book - the first to link feminism, sport and media theory - provides a broad cultural studies orientation. In addition to a theoretical analysis, it provides a practical look at models of sport, media effects and the construction of the sportswoman and women's sports.

Divided into three parts, the book: provides an overview of the three areas; focuses on the print and broadcast media portrayal of women's sport, examining such issues as the relationship of sports promotion to media representations of women's sports and the ways in which sports reporting is taught to future journalists; and seeks to develop a new model for the future.

Pamela J Creedon
Women, Media and Sport
Creating and Reflecting Gender Values

Mary Jo Kane and Susan L Greendorfer
The Media's Role in Accomodating and Resisting Stereotyped Images of Women in Sport
Linda D Williams
Sportswomen in Black and White
Sports History from an Afro-American Perspective

Pamela J Creedon
Women in Toyland
A Look at Women in American Newspaper Sports Journalism

Pamela J Creedon
From Whalebone to Spandex
Women and Sports Journalism in American Magazines, Photography and Broadcasting

Judith A Cramer
Conversations with Contemporary Women Sports Journalists
Pamela J Creedon, Judith A Cramer and Elizabeth A Granitz
Pandering or Empowering? Economics and Promotion of Women's Sports
Susan Birrell and Cheryl L Cole
Double Fault
Renée Richards and the Construction and Naturalization of Difference

Karlene Ferrante
Baseball and the Social Construction of Gender
Anne Cooper-Chen
Global Games, Entertainment and Leisure
Women as TV Spectators

Pamela J Creedon
From the Feminine Mystique to the Female Physique
Uncovering the Archetype of Artemis in Sport

Molly Merryman
Gazing at Artemis
The Active Female Archetype in Popular Film

Pamela S Highlen
Reawakening to the Co-Essence Model of Sport
Stanford's Tara VanDerVeer Leads the Way


Pamela J. Creedon

Pam Creedon, director of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at The University of Iowa, previously directed the J-MC program at Kent State University for seven years and was a faculty member at The Ohio State University for 10 years. An accredited business communicator (ABC), she spent 15 years as an editor and public relations practitioner before entering academe. Currently president of the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication with 190 member colleges and universities in the U.S., Canada and eight countries, she is a member of the Hearst Foundation Journalism Awards Advisory Board.  She serves on... More About Author

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