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Women in Peace Politics

Women in Peace Politics

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Paula Banerjee - Vice-Chancellor, The Sanskrit College and University

May 2008 | 364 pages | SAGE India
This volume reflects the multiplicity of women's role in peace politics in South Asia through a collection of important articles on the subject. Reflecting the three genres through which women's peace politics is often played out, the book is divided into three sections: ideas and ideologies, South Asian women's practices of structured negotiations for peace, and the lives of 'ordinary' women who symbolize women's unending quest for peace and justice.
Series Note


Samir Kumar Das
I. IDEAS & IDEOLOGIES: Introduction

Ranabir Samaddar
Security, Gender and Conflict Prevention: Perceptions from South Asia

Sumona Dasgupta
Ethnicity and Democracy Meet When Mothers Protest

Samir Kumar Das

Stree Shakti Sanghatana
Islam, Feminism and the Women's Movement in Pakistan: 1981-1991

Fauzia Gardezi
Women, Nationalism and War: "Make Love Not War"

Rada Ivecovic
Kalpana Kannabiran
II. MOVEMENTS: Introduction
Women in Sri Lankan Peace Politics

Saro Thiruppathy and Nirekha De Silva
Motherhood as a Space of Protest: Women's Political Participation in Contemporary Sri Lanka

Malathi De Alwis
Negotiating Peace: Feminist Reflections

Kalpana Kannabiran, Volga and Vasantha Kannabiran
The Space Between: Women's Negotiations with Democracy

Paula Banerjee
Minorities, Women and Peace: A South Asian Perspective

Meghna Guhathakurta
III. VOICES: Introduction

Anuradha Bhasin Jamwal
Shed No More Blood: Mothers for Peace

WAF to Continue Protest Against Discriminatory Laws

The Way of the World

Josiane Racine and Jean Luc Racine
Chadur Aur Diwari

Fehmida Riyaz
Drawing Lines, Erasing Lines: Feminism as a Resource in Opposing Xenophobia and Separatism

Cynthia Cockburn
In Conversation with Dr Hanan Ashrawi

Aditi Bhaduri
Further Readings on Themes in Peace Studies



The aim of the series is to portray multiple trajectories of peace. This volume deals with the various aspects of peace as practised by South Asian women and highlights women’s various roles as visionaries and agents of peace in South Asia…. On the whole, this book is an important resource for those working in the field of peace and conflict.

Gender, Technology and Development

Women in Peace Politics is so refreshing to read. The volume does not deal with lofty treatises of governments and game theories that policy-makers love to spin, or claim grand solutions for conflict resolutions. Instead, it challenges the existing notion that the only effective way of dealing with violence — in the name of people’s peace and security — is more violence…. This book is no doubt a contribution to the growing body of significant work on peace politics started in India by feminist author-publishers Ritu Menon, Urvashi Butalia and Rita Manchanda among others.

Economic and Political Weekly

Located in a feminist framework this bouquet for young women researchers brings back relevant theoretical insights of how feminists look at gender issues and the construction of masculinities and feminities during times of war and peace.

The Book Review

This book chronicles varied experiences, reactions and viewpoints of women who are placed in variegated situations. Erudite, enlightening and absorbing read.

The Tribune

This book explores the role of women as agents and visionaries of peace in South Asia….The articles in the collection adopt a new approach to understanding peace – as a desire to end repression that cuts across caste, class, race, and gender and an effort on the part of the women to transform their position in the society.

Free Press Journal

This volume reflects the multiplicity of women’s role in peace politics in South Asia through a collection of important articles on the subject.

Prabhaat Khabar

The book explores the role of women as agents and visionaries of peace in South Asia... The book also deals with the myriad dimensions of peace as practiced by South Asian women over a period of time.

The Pioneer

Paula Banerjee

Paula Banerjee specializes in issues of border and borderlands in South Asia. She has published extensively on issues of gender, forced migration and peace politics. Her recent publications include a volume entitled Borders, Histories, Existences: Gender and Beyond (2010). S he has edited a volume entitled Women in Peace Politics (2008) and co-edited books on Internal Displacement in South Asia (2005), Autonomy beyond Kant and Hermeneutics (2007) and Marginalities and Justice (2009). S he has been working on themes related to women, borders and democracy in South Asia, and has published extensively in journals such as International Studies... More About Author

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