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Woman Abuse on Campus

Woman Abuse on Campus
Results from the Canadian National Survey

Volume: 5
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Domestic Violence

September 1997 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
In post-secondary schools in North America, there are an alarming number of women who become victims of physical, sexual and psychological assaults. This book overviews the recent Canadian National Survey on Woman Abuse in Dating Relationships, and exposes a `hidden campus curriculum' that maintains the kinds of inequalities that can engender acts of violence. Sexist messages, both subtle and implicit, not only foster an atmosphere of fear and insecurity but also serve as a powerful means of social control.

Students should find the environment at any seat of learning to be safe and conducive to overall growth - where the `hidden curriculum' is unacceptable. DeKeseredy and Schwartz hope that the research presented in this book will motivate students, faculty and officials to make the changes necessary to fulfil this promise.

The Historical, Social and Political Context of the Canadian National Survey on Woman Abuse in Dating
The Incidence and Prevalence of Woman Abuse in Canadian Courtship
`But Women Do It Too'
The Meanings of and Motives for Women's Use of Violence

Risk Factors and Dating Abuse
Progressive Policy Proposals

Walter S. DeKeseredy

Martin D. Schwartz

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