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Why People Give

Why People Give
Interpreting Altruism

First Edition
  • Ratna Vira - Artist, Speaker and the Author of the bestselling novels Daughter by Court Order and It’s Not About You
  • Suhasini Vira - Student, Economics and Politics, Durham University, UK

July 2019 | 244 pages | SAGE Select
Why do people really give?
Does giving indicate a kind heart?
Is altruism about feeling good or is there more to it?

We regularly see numerous displays of altruistic behaviour and instances of philanthropy, where the beneficiaries are often complete strangers. We cannot understand philanthropy without considering the motivation for giving: Why people give, their beliefs and, more importantly, the realization that in giving we receive.

This book is passionately argued, deeply researched and full of indelible stories of real people. The authors build a case for altruism and the urgent need for empathy in an increasingly self-centred and materialistic world.

Through stories drawn from real life, this book will change how we look at the act of giving. It shows that each one of us can bring about a change, if only we have the will. We don’t have to wait for governments or big corporations to act because the power lies within us—we can be the catalysts.
Have a Heart-Live from the Heart
Altruism Transcends the Selfish Genes-A Second Chance at Life
Origins of Altruism Meme- A Living Miracle
The Game Theory of Giving-The Daughter with Golden Smile
Generosity Isn’t Altruism-This Too Shall Pass
What Motivates Donors?- Divine Intervention
The Ultimate Aim of Altruism-When Prayers Are Answered
Transforming Lives Can Lead to Happiness-A Shot at Normal Life
Love Is a Two-way Street-Rain in the Time of Drought
Giving Gratitude-The Heart That Pumped Dreams
Optimism as Art of Living -Power of Hope Amidst No Option
Grit, Focus and Determination-The Hour of Happiness
Developing the Drive to Do Good-The Spirit of Never Giving Up
Creating ‘Impact’ Through Giving-Against All Odds-Every Soul Is a Phoenix-Light at the End of Dark Tunnel-Wishing Upon a Shooting Star-A Hopeful Sky of New Beginnings
The Change Makers

‘I see this book coming at a very interesting time—it focuses on hope and optimism rather than worrying about the world. It focuses on how the world will, could and has always come together to serve its own people’.

Dr Purvi Mehta,
Head of Asia Agriculture, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

This is a truly remarkable book full of humanity and common decency. The authors understand the joy of giving and the impact of philanthropy, and now explore what altruism means, what makes people give.

Janet Anne Royall, Baroness Royall of Blaisdon,
Principal of Somerville College, University of Oxford, and former Leader of the House of Lords

Ratna Vira

After a successful career where she worked at the CXO level in multinational and leading Indian corporates, Ratna Vira turned to writing fiction in English, with her work highlighting issues of deep social concerns. Her fi rst book, Daughter by Court Order, was a national bestseller, reaching fourth in the Indian fi ction lists in 2014, and it was featured in The New York Times. In the book, she talks boldly about issues of feudalism, patriarchy, and the rights of women. This theme was carried forward into her second book, It’s Not About You, which was in the list of 35 Top Fiction and Non... More About Author

Suhasini Vira

Suhasini is a second-year undergraduate student studying Economics and Politics at Durham University. She has been awarded the Laidlaw Scholarship for Research and Leadership. For her scholarship research project, she is analysing the priorities and effectiveness of youth employment policy in India. She is the Co-Chief Editor of the Durham University Economics Journal and the Editor, Business and Economics, of the university’s online magazine, The Bubble. She spends her free time sketching, dancing and bingeing shows on Netflix. More About Author

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