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Why Kids Kill Parents

Why Kids Kill Parents
Child Abuse and Adolescent Homicide

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Juvenile/Youth Crime

September 1994 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
A tragic portrait of adolescents who kill their parents is revealed in this volume: these young people almost always kill out of desperation as they are almost always victims of severe child abuse, neglect and dysfunctional parenting.

Drawing upon her experience as a clinician, expert witness and scholar, the author asserts that a combination of interconnected problems creates the conditions for parricide, including: severe sexual, physical and/or verbal abuse of the child; escalating violence in the family; and increasing vulnerability of the child to stressors in the home.

This sensitive volume includes an examination of interventions that are effective in treating such children. Heide concludes that adolescent parricide offenders can be reintegrated into society through treatment, not imprisonment, and proposes ways in which the media and the educational system can help to prevent child abuse and parricide.

Hans Toch
The Phenomenon of Parricide
Child Maltreatment and Parricide
Which Youths Kill
Youths at Risk
Legal and Psychological Issues
Assessment and Its Implications
Peter Jones
Scott Anders
Patty Smith
with Don McCann and Eldra Solomon
Intervention after the Tragedy
Society's Role

Kathleen M. Heide

Dr. Heide is a Full Professor in the Department of Criminology at the University of South Florida, Tampa and is an internationally recognized consultant on adolescent homicide and family violence. She is a licensed mental health counselor in the State of Florida and has been court-appointed as an expert in Florida Circuit Courts in homicide, sexual battery, juvenile, and family matters. Dr. Heide's publication record includes more than 100 publications and presentations in the areas of adolescent homicide, family violence, personality assessment, and juvenile justice, along with two books - Why Kids Kill Parents (1992) and Young Killers ... More About Author

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