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Why Do English Language Learners Struggle With Reading?

Why Do English Language Learners Struggle With Reading?
Distinguishing Language Acquisition From Learning Disabilities

152 pages | Corwin
This book provides research-proven methods for distinguishing between language learning difficulties and learning disabilities among English Language Learners.

Helping educators meet NCLB requirements for Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP), this how-to resource discusses changes to the reauthorization of the IDEA 2004 and provides guidelines for applying:

Assessment techniques to identify learning disabilities and measure proficiency in English as a Second Language Response to Intervention (RTI) in instruction

Prereferral intervention with English Language Learners to reduce inappropriate referrals to special education

About the Editors/Authors
Introduction and Overview of Chapters
Michael Orosco, Estella Almanza de Schonewise, Carmen de Onis, Janette Klingner, John Hoover
1. Distinguishing Between Language Acquisition and Learning Disabilities Among English Language Learners: Background Information
Janette Klingner, Estella Almanza de Schonewise, Carmen de Onis, Laura Méndez Barletta, John Hoover
2. Misconceptions About the Second Language Acquisition Process
Janette Klingner, Laura Méndez Barletta, John Hoover
3. Response to Intervention Models and English Language Learners
Janette Klingner, Diana Geisler
4. Helping Classroom Reading Teachers Distinguish Between Language Acquisition and Learning Disabilities
John J. Hoover
5. Data-Driven Decision Making in a Multi-Tiered Model
John J. Hoover, Laura Méndez Barletta
6. Considerations When Assessing ELLs for Special Education
Leonard Baca, Todd Fletcher
7. Conclusion: Putting the Pieces Together

"Tackles the very difficult issue of why ELLs are disproportionately represented in special education and how, as educators, we need to look at our assessments to verify that there is a true need for referral versus a lack of understanding of the language acquisition process."

Christine Engel, ESL Teacher
Webster Stanley Elementary School, Oshkosh, WI

"Distinguishing learning disabilities from language acquisition issues has always been difficult. This book is relevant to many educators."

James Becker, ELL Teacher
Ramsey Junior High, Saint Paul, MN

"We need better assessment strategies to determine learning disabilities in ELL students. This book is highly relevant as not only does it address this issue, but offers practical suggestions and approaches to remedy the problem."

Anne Beveridge, Coordinator of Primary Years Program
Branksome Hall, Toronto, Canada

Janette K. Klingner

Janette K. Klingner was a bilingual special education teacher for ten years before earning a PhD in Reading and Learning Disabilities from the University of Miami. Her recently coauthored or coedited books include Teaching Reading Comprehension to Sudents With Learning Difficulties (Guilford Press), Methods for Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Exceptional Learners (Merrill/Prentice Hall), Case Studies in the Social Construction of Disability: Minority Students in Special Education (Teachers College Press), Evidence-Based Practices for Response to Intervention (Brookes), and Why Are so Many Minority Students in Special... More About Author

John J. Hoover

John J. Hoover is Associate Research Professor at the University of Colorado Boulder and a former K–12 special educator, teaching diverse students representing multiple languages and cultures in western, southwestern, and mid-western states. He earned a BA in Elementary and Special Education (Intellectual Disabilities), an MA in Learning Disabilities and Emotional Disorders with an emphasis in Reading, and a PhD in Curriculum specializing in Special Education. His research agenda for the past two decades has focused on the topic of culturally and linguistically responsive special education referral and assessment of English language and... More About Author

Leonard M. Baca

Leonard M. Baca is Professor Emeritus at the University of Colorado Boulder. He earned an Ed.D. from the University of Northern Colorado and has been a professor of Education at the University of Colorado Boulder since 1973. He has taught courses in bilingual and bilingual special education and served as the program chair. Professor Baca is founder and Executive Director of the BUENO Center for Multicultural Education where he has directed and managed millions of dollars in grant funded projects promoting the education of ELs and students with disabilities. He is author or co-author of numerous publications dealing with English learners... More About Author