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Why Children Need Joy

Why Children Need Joy
The fundamental truth about childhood

December 2023 | 184 pages | Corwin UK
This transformative book looks at one of the most undervalued aspects of childhood, joy. Using the latest neuroscience and biochemistry this book shows that joy, far from being an abstract concept, is one of the key motivators for every aspect of learning and development throughout childhood and something we ignore at our peril. The book gives concrete strategies for increasing the levels of joy in our children and highlights the catastrophic damage that a decline in joy can cause in our children especially in a post pandemic world. Suitable for anyone who works with children, this book puts forward a compelling argument that Joy is profoundly important for all of our children and can fundamentally help our children to thrive. 

Warning - may contain evil clowns!
Chapter 1: Simple moments of joy – Why joy is so undervalued and yet so important
Chapter 2: The joy of goo and big red buses!
Chapter 3: Expressions of joy – the joy of words and sounds
Chapter 4: The joy of movement and dancing elephants
Chapter 5: The joy of poo and a school for ninja
Chapter 6: Seek and destroy – The robot teachers are coming!
Chapter 7: Who Stole our joy?
Chapter 8: We are Celestial – Being a different sort of grown-up
Chapter 9: Simple equations for thriving – How compassion and joy can change not just children but our entire society.

Ben Kingston-Hughes

 Ben Kingston-Hughes is an international keynote speaker, writer and multi award-winning trainer. He is also the Managing Director of Inspired Children and has worked with vulnerable children across the UK for over 30 years. He has appeared on television several times working on a variety of children’s projects and his distinctive blend of humour, neuroscience and real-life practical experiences have made his training invaluable for anyone working with children. His finest moment though, was when a group of reception children named their class frog after him. More About Author

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