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"When I Started Teaching, I Wish I Had Known..."

"When I Started Teaching, I Wish I Had Known..."
Weekly Wisdom for Beginning Teachers

36 Weeks of Wisdom, Advice, & Support

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May 2023 | 200 pages | Corwin

Practical, thoughtful and inspiring—36 weeks of wisdom for new teachers.

Every teacher has those moments, when the learning curve seems too steep, the workload feels too intense, and the faculty room coffee is too weak. But then there’s the moment when they open this book, and smile. Author Carol Pelletier Radford, a mentoring expert, has collected words of wisdom from experienced teachers across the country to help newer teachers thrive. She asked each of them, what is something you wished you knew when you were starting out as a teacher? The responses range from practical classroom management tips to reminders for self-care, and Radford has arranged them into weekly readings that provide advice from a chorus of seasoned educators to help those new to the profession thrive. Highlights include:

  • Start-of-the-year routines for a compassionate culture—and the best classroom management
  • Why consistency and embracing mistakes is important to students—now more than ever
  • How to design experiences that create student engagement—and energize you
  • Questions that help you guide a child toward positive behavior—with fairness, firmness and grace
  • Daily self-care mindsets and rituals—from calming walks to podcasts to learning to say no

When I Started Teaching, I Wish I Had Known... takes a teacher gently by the hand, through 36 weeks of the school year. Its practical strategies address lessons, feedback, building relationships, and so much more. But perhaps what this book does most brilliantly is speak to the person behind the teacher, reminding them that they are already gifted, because they are curious and kind.

Wisdom Helps You Grow
Getting Started ~ Create a Community of Learners
Gaining Momentum - Find Your Strengths
Staying in the Flow ~ Focus on Teaching & Learning
Closing the School Year with Intention ~ Celebrate Your Growth
Looking Back, Looking Forward: Reflect and Plan


Carol Pelletier Radford

Carol Pelletier Radford is the founder of Mentoring in Action, an organization dedicated to the success of novice teachers and their mentors. Before she established her own organization to support mentors and new teachers, she was a veteran elementary school teacher and a teacher preparation leader. Carol is the author of Corwin’s bestselling books Mentoring in Action: Guiding, Sharing, and Reflecting With Novice Teachers and The First Years Matter: Becoming an Effective Teacher.Carol received her Education Doctorate from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education, where she focused her studies on mentoring and teacher leadership.... More About Author

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