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What Racists Believe

What Racists Believe
Race Relations in South Africa and the United States

Volume: 8
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Ethnic Studies

December 1994 | 400 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Despite its legal abolition, racial inequality persists in many democratic societies. Entering a new era of democracy, South Africa is endeavouring to dismantle its legally structured system of inequality. In practice, however, the structures of consciousness which gave rise to and nurtured a system of white privilege and predominance are tenacious and enduring.

In What Racists Believe, Gerhard Schutte examines evidence which illustrates how the consciousness of whites in South Africa has been reproduced and maintained, revealing a range of social constructions and typifications of blacks. He concludes with a chapter comparing contemporary racial attitudes in South Africa and the United States.

White Solidarity?

The Emergence of the Past
The Construction of the Present
Official, Media and Religious Versions

Public Discourse and the Reconstruction of South Africa I
Right-Wing Perspectives

Public Discourse and the Reconstruction of South Africa II
Government, Corporate and Academic Perspectives

The World of Whites
Structure and Experience

Whites in the Countryside
Whites in Town I
Conservative Perspectives

Whites in Town II
Moderate Perspectives

Race and Discourse
Whites in American Race Relations
A Comparison


Gerhard Schutte

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