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Weaving Analytics for Effective Decision Making

Weaving Analytics for Effective Decision Making

First Edition
  • Arindam Banerjee - Professor of Marketing, IIM Ahmedabad
  • Tanushri Banerjee - Associate Professor of Information Systems, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar

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September 2017 | 184 pages | SAGE Response

Weaving Analytics for Effective Decision Making helps managers unleash the power of analytics. It provides a roadmap for implementing analytics and securing a high return on investment for the organization.  The book is meant primarily for decision makers, business leaders and business problem solvers who are engaged in decision-making roles in organizations. Several books have established the need for analytics in decision making; this book moves one step ahead and explains how managers can maximize the benefits of analytics in organizations. It spells out the sequence business managers should adopt towards building business intelligence-driven organizations. 

Practicing analysts will also find this book helpful in redirecting their focus from the technical aspects of analytics towards a business orientation whereby they can focus on the value addition that analytical outputs provide to support decision making. The book will guide them to tailor their analytics towards creating business value and showcasing the same.

Foreword by Badri Veeraghanta
Part 1: An Approach to Build Analytics Capability to Solve Business Problems
Introduction: The Practice of Analytics and the Associated “Conundrum”
Where to Begin: Managing Organization’s Data Inventory for Effective Decision Support
Useful Approaches to Mining Information: Building Intuition of Tool
Resolving Business Problems with (Predictive Analytics): Scoping the Objectives
Communicating Analytical Output: Numbers to Narratives
From Analysis to Analytics: Building the Infrastructure
Part 2: The Analytic 'State of Affairs'
Perspectives on Knowledge Process Adoption in Emerging Economies
Appendix 1 Railroad Cleaning Service (Case)
Appendix 2 ABV Tyre Company (Case)
Appendix 3 Marketing Mix Modelling
Appendix 3A Note on Regression Models
Appendix 4 Logit Modelling: A Note
Appendix 5 Interview Guide for Our Industry Research
Appendix 6 Select Cases of Analytics Adoption in Indian Organizations

“One of the best primers on the ‘complex’ subject of business analytics …! And here’s the best part… they explain everything without the use of advanced math…. A first of its kind!”

Sunil Raj,
Group Manager, Titan Company Ltd (Jewellery Division)

“A must read for every business leader and business manager to understand, evaluate and help team working on analytics focused on needs of the business.”

Kalpana Margabandhu,
Consultant and Director (Retd), India CIO Lab, IBM

“One of the best primers on the ‘complex’ subject of business analytics …! And here’s the best part… they explain everything without the use of advanced math…. A first of its kind!”

Sunil Raj,
Group Manager, Titan Company Ltd (Jewellery Division)

Arindam Banerjee

Arindam Banerjee is a Professor of Marketing at IIM Ahmedabad. He has been associated with the institute for the past 18 years. Prior to his joining the institute, he was an analytics specialist in a management consulting firm in Chicago, IL. Before that he worked at AC Nielsen Corporation, United States, servicing the analytics requirement for Philip Morris Inc., where he gained market research experience. At IIM Ahmedabad, he teaches, consults and researches in marketing analytics and strategy. He has been involved in setting up the offshore analytics operations for a global bank in India and has been an analytics mentor for several... More About Author

Tanushri Banerjee

Tanushri Banerjee is an Associate Professor of Information Systems at the Business School, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar. She has 20 years of work experience divided between academia and industry. Her career is a mix of national and international job profiles, which has led her to blend industrial technological advancements into evolving academic curriculum. Prior to her current position, she was the associate director at Duke Corporate Education (India), a joint venture between Duke University and IIM Ahmedabad. Her responsibilities included steering the operations and systems infrastructure management initiatives for... More About Author

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