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Washington Information Directory 2010-2011

Washington Information Directory 2010-2011

992 pages | CQ Press

Washington Information Directory (WID) is the essential one-stop source for information

on U.S. governmental and nongovernmental agencies and organizations. WID provides capsule descriptions that help users quickly and easily find the right person at the right organization.


With more than 10,000 listings, the 2010– 2011 edition of WID features:

  • Thoroughly researched coverage of the Obama administration, the Supreme Court, immigration, health care, consumer safety, mortgage/student loans, the housing and credit crises, privacy and security, and political participation


  • Information on groups involved with war and conflict issues, including lobbying groups active in international affairs and antiwar movements


  • Fully updated contact information for the 111th Congress, Second Session


  • At-a-glance boxes with Congressional committee and subcommittee information


  • Information on new agencies and posts


WID also features up-to-date contact information for the high-level advisory positions or “czar” appointed by President Obama that oversee:


  • The auto industry
  • Green energy
  • Health-care
  • Technology
  • Stimulus accountability


WID provides contact information for:

  • Congress and federal agencies
  • Nongovernmental organizations
  • Policy groups, foundations, and institutions
  • Governors and other state officials
  • U.S. ambassadors and foreign diplomats


Key Features

  • Contact information for Congress, federal agencies, international, national, and local organizations and offices
  • Reference boxes and organization charts augmenting the text
  • Three easy ways to find information: name, organization, and subject indexes

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