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Visualizing Social Science Research

Visualizing Social Science Research
Maps, Methods, & Meaning

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July 2011 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Presenting basic principles of social science research through maps, graphs, and diagrams, this book shows how concept maps and mind maps can be used in quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research, using student-focused examples and classroom based activities.

Chapters explore how these tools can be used to plan research projects, "see" analysis strategies, and assist in the compilation and development of written research papers.

The book integrates theory and practice of concept mapping in a concise and readable format, with easy to follow examples and activities.

CHAPTER 1. Visualizing Social Science Research
CHAPTER 2. Concept Maps and Mind Maps: Theory, Definitions, and Utility
CHAPTER 3. Using Concept Maps in Quantitative Social Science Research
CHAPTER 4. Using Mind Maps in Qualitative Research
CHAPTER 5. Using Maps in Mixed Methods Research
CHAPTER 6. Putting It All Together: Using Maps and Diagrams to Write Up and Reflect Upon Your Project
CHAPTER 7. Limitations, Considerations, and New Directions in Social Science Research

Very useful way of presenting research to students.

Dr Scott Buckler
Education , Worcester Univ.
February 17, 2014

A bit overwrought. Also, the way it talks about students makes it clear it is only meant for instructors. Frankly my students would be insulted by some of the assumptions asserted about students. Also, it's approach to concept mapping is quite a bit different than mine, which is more using it as a pragmatic tool for organizing thinking, research and planning practical action, not so much for generating data.

Dr Chris London
Graduate Program in International Affairs, New School University
September 12, 2012

A useful text to support researchers who want an introduction in to how to use and analyse visual methods for data collection.

Mrs Branwen Bingle
Institute of Education, Worcester University
September 6, 2012

Interesting book so I have added to my recommended books. My current book is Educational Research (Gall, Gall, Borg)

Dr Robert Dedrick
Educational Measure Rsrch Dept, University of South Florida
May 8, 2012

Johannes P. Wheeldon

Johannes Wheeldon is an assistant professor at Norwich University in Northfield, Vermont. He received his B.A. in political science from Dalhousie University, his LLM from Durham University, and his Ph.D. from Simon Fraser University in 2009. He has focused on the practical application of criminological theory in policing, courts, and corrections and explored how visual maps can assist students to understand the assumptions behind methodological approaches and research traditions. Recent work has appeared in The Journal of Criminal Justice Education, Theoretical Criminology, and Canadian Political Science Review. The Open Society... More About Author

Mauri Kalervo Ahlberg

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