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Violence in Intimate Relationships

Violence in Intimate Relationships

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June 1999 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book discusses causes and precursors of violence, explores the psychological characteristics of perpetrators of violence, and describes and evaluates potential responses to it.
Ximena B Arriaga and Stuart Oskamp
The Nature, Correlates and Consequences of Violence in Intimate Relationships
Murray A Straus
The Controversy over Domestic Violence by Women
A Methodological, Theoretical and Sociology of Science Analysis

Amy Holtzworth-Munroe et al
A Typology of Male Batterers
An Initial Examination

Donald G Dutton
Limitations of Social Learning Models in Explaining Intimate Aggression
Sally A Lloyd
The Interpersonal and Communication Dynamics of Wife Battering
Kenneth E Leonard
Alcohol Use and Husband Marital Aggression among Newlywed Couples
Ileana Arias
Women's Responses to Physical and Psychological Abuse
Phyllis W Sharps and Jacquelyn Campbell
Health Consequences for Victims of Violence in Intimate Relationships
Thomas N Bradbury and Erika Lawrence
Physical Aggression and the Longitudinal Course of Newlywed Marriage

Ximena B. Arriaga

Ximena Arriaga is currently an Associate Professor of Psychological Sciences at Purdue University. Her doctoral degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is in Social Psychology, with minors in Quantitative Psychology and Developmental Science. Her primary areas of research are relationship commitment, uncertainty, and partner aggression. She also does some research on family functioning among Latinos. Her research has been funded by NIMH and contributes to the relationships and intimate partner violence literatures. She has served as an Associated Editor or Consulting Editor for Journal of Personality and Social... More About Author

Stuart Oskamp

Stuart Oskamp (Ph.D., Stanford University) has focused his research interests in the areas of attitudes and attitude change, applied social psychology, behavioral aspects of energy and resource conservation, and social issues and public policy. His books include Attitudes and Opinions and Applied Social Psychology. He has been elected a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) Council of Representatives and President of the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI) and of the APA Division of Population and Environmental Psychology. He has also served as editor of the Journal of Social Issues and of the... More About Author

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