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Violence in Homes and Communities

Violence in Homes and Communities
Prevention, Intervention, and Treatment

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May 1999 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Violence in Homes and Communities considers increased contemporary domestic, workplace and community violence, and how it can be prevented.

Contributions to this book, one in a series sponsored by the National Mental Health Assocation (USA), explore foundations of violence and methods to reduce its incidence. Topics include: child abuse; spousal abuse; workplace violence; the impact of television violence; racial, ethnic and religious violence; mental illness; domestic violence.

Thomas P Gullotta and Sandra J McElhaney
Jonathan B Kotch, Greg O Muller and Craig H Blakely
Understanding the Origins and Incidence of Child Maltreatment
Robert L Hampton, Maria Vandergriff-Avery and Joan Kim
Understanding the Origins and Incidence of Spousal Violence in North America
Lynne McClure
Origins and Incidence of Workplace Violence in North America
Lloyd B Potter
Understanding the Incidence and Origins of Community Violence
Toward a Comprehensive Perspective of Violence Prevention

Leonard A Jason, Libby Kennedy Hanaway and Ester Brackshaw
Television Violence and Children
Problems and Solutions

Wayne Winborne and Renae Cohen
Hating Those Different from Ourselves
The Origins of Racial, Ethnic and Religious Hatred

Michael M Faenza et al
Mental Illness and the Myth of Violent Behavior
Daniel J Flannery and Laura Williams
Effective Youth Violence Prevention
Pamela Jenkins and Barbara Davidson
Consensus and Contradictions in Understanding Domestic Violence
Implications for Policy and Model Programs

Sandra J McElhaney and Kathryn M Effley
Community-Based Approaches to Violence Prevention
Michael J Faenza and Sandra McElhaney

Thomas P. Gullotta

Prevention, Child and Family Agency of Southeastern Connecticut, New London, CT. More About Author

Sandra J. McElhaney

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